Minimum entry requirements

CSU aims to admit to courses any applicant it believes can undertake the course with a reasonable prospect of success.



When determining your admission to a course at CSU, the University considers your previous studies and/or other attainments and experience. Many CSU courses use a range of selection criteria other than, or in combination with, your ATAR (or equivalent), particularly courses offered by distance education.

CSU's general minimum entry requirements

Applicants should demonstrate that they have a reasonable prospect of success by providing evidence of having one of the following for admission to an undergraduate degree at CSU:

  1. an ATAR appropriate to the course;

  2. prior successful study at university level (minimum two subjects);

  3. TAFE Cert III or higher VET qualification or equivalent industry qualifications;

  4. successful completion of TAFE Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC) or a bridging program;

  5. relevant industry experience of at least two years;

  6. partial completion of TAFE Diploma level study (minimum 50 per cent).

Additional requirements

Some courses may have additional entry requirements or supplementary application criteria. Check the online course information for details.

English language requirements

Applicants must meet CSU's minimum English language proficiency requirements to study with CSU.

More information about English language proficiency.


The University has a number of alternative pathways to get into university, including:

In some courses, a strong performance in Year 12 subjects relevant to the course of study will be considered.

More about Pathways to uni

Minimum ATAR

The minimum Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) indicates the score an applicant needs to be admitted to a university's undergraduate course.

The minimum published ATAR required for admission to a CSU course in the Main Round of UAC offers in 2014 was 65.00. Please note that this requirement may change on an annual basis.

While this figure is the minimum ATAR required to gain entry to CSU, you may require a higher ATAR to be accepted into specific courses. Keep in mind that many courses at CSU do not rely solely on the ATAR for admission and use a range of selection criteria other than, or in combination with, the ATAR.



Admission to Honours courses is restricted to students who achieved a high academic standard during their undergraduate degree. Typically, a GPA of 5.0, or a Credit average, is required to gain entry to an Honours degree.

Some Honours degrees calculate the GPA based on all subjects completed during your undergraduate study, while some only consider those subjects that relate to your professional field.

At CSU, some Honours degrees are integrated into your undergraduate degree, allowing you to select either the Honours stream or Pass stream at a specified stage of your course. Others are a separate degree you must apply to study when you have completed your undergraduate degree.

Check the online course information for specific requirements for the Honours course relevant to your undergraduate degree.



Entry requirements for postgraduate study vary and may include one or more of the following:

  • previous study in a related field

  • previous study in a different field

  • relevant work experience

  • professional accreditation or registration in a relevant field.

Check the online course information for specific requirements for the postgraduate courses you are interested in studying.


Higher degree by Research

Before submitting an application to study a higher degree by research, you should make contact with the appropriate Associate or Sub-Dean of Graduate Studies to discuss your eligibility and the availability of appropriate supervisors.

More information for research candidates

International entry requirements

You are an international student if you are not an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia. More about our international entry requirements.

Internet access

CSU places great emphasis on services to its students. It is a leader in the provision of online services and, in particular, the use of the internet in the support of teaching, administration and communications with students.

The online environment is so integrated into all aspects of student life and the learning experience at CSU that the University now assumes that all on campus and distance education students will have ongoing access to an internet connected computer capable of communicating with CSU online systems.

Students enrolled in Information Technology subjects (i.e. with an ITC subject code) may be required to have additional hardware and/or software that is deemed essential for the completion of the learning activities in that subject.