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Business graduates can be found within companies of all sizes and in every industry imaginable, making skills and knowledge in business a valuable tool in the competitive employment market. A business career allows you to work with people, be innovative and creative, and make a real difference to the way your company operates. You have options to work in rural and regional areas or small businesses, or can take your career to the next level working in major cities all over the world as a member of a multi-national corporation.

At CSU, your Business study is not limited to learning from a textbook. Undergraduate degrees include the opportunity to study up to three workplace learning subjects, where you will complete a placement in industry. Many postgraduate courses are accredited with professional bodies such as the Australian Human Resources Institute or CPA Australia, so you can be assured what you are learning is relevant to your career.

Starting your career

CSU offers great options to give you a flying start to a career in the business world, incorporating practical experience and the latest business concepts.

CSU's undergraduate degrees allow you to complete a Joint Study, where you undertake a stream from another business or non-business discipline, or combine two study areas with a double degree.

  • Accounting

    Opportunities for Accounting graduates are endless. A career in accounting can take you anywhere in the world and options are available in businesses of all sizes, whether you want to run your own accounting practice or become the Chief Financial Officer of a large corporation.

    CSU offers practical study in Accounting, allowing you to undertake professional placements with accounting firms during your degree. This contributes to CSU’s excellent employment record in the Accounting field, with more than 90 per cent of graduates finding a full-time job within four months of completing their undergraduate degree.

    Career opportunities

    You could pursue an accounting career in public practice, through auditing, business advisory services, tax or reporting, work in commerce and industry in management, budget planning, financial management or internal auditing, or work for a government, semi-government or non-profit organisation conducting cost/benefit analysis, financial accountability, or budgeting and performance measurement, among other diverse career options.


  • Finance

    Whether you want to be able to manage your personal finances or gain a senior position in the banking or finance industries, CSU can help you achieve your goals. CSU offers flexible study options such as online and part-time study to help you balance other commitments like work or family as you work towards a finance career.

    A Finance qualification can prepare you to work in Australia or overseas, with a strong understanding of financial markets, business economics, commercial banking and finance law, as well as accounting and management practices.

    Career opportunities

    Finance study provides a broad foundation of skills and knowledge to equip you for a career in a range of business settings locally, nationally and internationally. It could provide a pathway to work in a range of areas such as business development, banking, insurance, marketing, trade export and import, real estate development, financial modelling or policy advice, as well as leading to academic pursuits.


  • Human Resource Management

    People are often a business’s most important asset. As a human resource management professional, you will play a vital role in sustaining your business through supporting and managing employees. CSU’s Courses in Human Resource Management will prepare you for your career by providing an understanding of effective management of people, ethics and industrial relations. You will also gain practical skills in staff planning, job analysis and design, and performance management.

    During your degree, you will have opportunities to undertake three workplace learning experiences, exposing you to real-life scenarios and allowing you to put your studies into practice. Workplace learning also enables you to build contacts within your industry, boosting employment prospects.

    Career opportunities

    You could work at all levels of the employment sector. As a Human Resource Management graduate, you could be involved in recruitment, training or staff development in the public or private sector, in businesses of all sizes. Your job title could be human resource manager, human resource management consultant, employee relations manager, training manager or occupational health and safety manager.


  • Insurance

    A diverse range of careers is available to CSU graduates in the Insurance field. CSU studies in Insurance allow you to upgrade your qualifications from a Diploma to a degree, developing new skills and enabling you to progress your career.

    The insurance industry plays an important role in society, financially protecting consumers and businesses against crime, accidents and disasters. While studying CSU’s internationally recognised Insurance program, you will develop skills in risk management and assessment, underwriting management, customer advice, claims management, insurance law and regulation, financial planning, treasury risk management, investments and funds management, preparing you to work in a wide range of insurance-related careers. Students initially apply for Insurance study at CSU through the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.

    Career opportunities

    Holding a degree in Insurance will allow you to take your career further and achieve higher level positions in the industry. Insurance graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities. You could choose to work in fields such as life insurance, financial planning, general insurance, loss adjustment, insurance broking or risk management, in large or small companies.


  • Management

    Management qualifications can prepare you for the challenges of the workforce regardless of the stage you are at in your career. Management degrees at CSU provide the foundations of business and management, equipping you with the skills to work with people, as well as knowledge of economics, finance, law, marketing, operations and project management.

    You will gain real-world experience through three workplace learning subjects throughout your degree, and be encouraged to apply your experience or knowledge of real situations when completing your assessments. During your studies at CSU, you will develop an understanding of theoretical aspects of business, such as management theories and economics, as well as practical skills in working with people and building relationships.

    Career opportunities

    A management degree can allow you to pursue opportunities ranging from leading a small team to becoming Chief Executive Officer of a large business. You could work in commerce and industry, small to medium-sized businesses, government, semi-government and not-for-profit organisations, or roles such as managing a retail business or working as a department manager. The transferable skills developed while studying management can take you anywhere in the world and are applicable to any industry.


  • Marketing

    As a marketing professional, you will play a major role in developing products and strategies to meet the needs of your business’s target market. Studying Marketing at CSU prepares you to understand the processes used to determine what products or services may interest your customers, develop strategies to use in sales, communications and business development, and develop techniques to build relationships with customers and stakeholders.

    Marketing professionals play an important role in brand and product development and positioning. You will formulate plans to generate, maintain and increase business. Marketing qualifications from CSU offer theoretical grounding and practical applications to ensure you are equipped for marketing success.

    Career opportunities

    You may seek positions such as market analysis, marketing system evaluation, strategy development, marketing evaluation and control or new product management. You may manage accounts in a small business, work with clients for a larger company, or manage staff in a marketing department or organisation. Marketing is a career path that can take you across Australia and around the world.


Furthering your career

When you are ready to take the next step in your career, CSU can help you ensure you have the skills and qualifications you need to help you achieve your goals. CSU has a number of partnerships and credit packages for students who have completed relevant TAFE qualifications to help you fast-track to a degree by receiving credit for the knowledge and skills you have already developed. If you already have an undergraduate degree, a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master can help you enhance your knowledge and give you a competitive edge when you apply for senior positions.

Changing your career

If you already have an undergraduate degree but have decided it’s not the field for you, CSU has options to allow you to change your career. Business qualifications can stand you in good stead in any industry and are relevant all over the world. CSU also offers the Master of Professional Accounting to enable you to switch career and become an accountant, regardless of what you studied at undergraduate level.



Higher degrees by research at CSU allow you to develop new ways of thinking and undertake projects that can make a real difference to the way you do business. You could examine current business practices or issues facing a particular industry, and come up with creative and practical solutions to improve areas like productivity, profit or recruitment. An ability to think critically and analyse and understand data will hold you in high regard in employment at the top level, or prepare you to pursue an academic career.

CSU’s Doctor of Business Administration has an industry focus and is designed to be relevant to your professional practice. Candidates are expected to be employed or have access to an organisation to complete the practical components and collect data for their research. If you are looking for a more theoretical or analytical research option, the Doctor of Philosophy offered through the Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences offers diverse opportunities to carry out your own independent, original research in a field that interests you. Candidates who already have a significant body of published research may be able to complete a shorter program and graduate with the Doctor of Philosophy by publication.


Anna Moran

"The decision to study at CSU was an extremely easy one to make. The University offered all the flexibility required to study while working full-time and travelling overseas. With the ability to fast-track my studies with the three-session timetable, CSU was the obvious choice.

I undertook work placement with Land and Property Information, a division of the Department of Finances and Services. I was able to work with their printing department in a marketing role. During this time I was able to develop a marketing plan for the business unit that broadened the marketing thought from a customer-centric focus to include a research-based approach that adopted an enhanced market orientation perspective.

There have been periods of reward when experiencing that ‘ah-ha!’ moment when I finally linked theory to workplace practice. My work placement allowed me to experience this feeling many times, when I realised that the study I had undertaken was not wasted, it was not forgotten, it was just sitting in the back of my mind waiting for a time when I would apply it in the workplace. Anna Moran

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"Enrolling in the Master of Human Resource Management was a vital step in my lifelong learning path and one that has helped me enormously in building credibility in my chosen field" Susan Rochester

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Workplace learning gives students an employment edge with necessary skills and business knowledge to hit the ground running, giving employers and industry job-ready graduates who are better equipped for the workplace.

CSU offers significant work placement opportunities in business courses