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Communication and Creative Industries

Communication and Creative Industries

If you're creative, logical, have great communication skills and want a successful career that uses your imagination and lets you think outside the box, a career in Communication and Creative Industries is perfect for you. CSU offers an environment where creative people come together to explore their passions and unleash their creative potential. There are some great opportunities for you to work closely with students from related courses and get involved in all aspects of bringing a story to life on stage, in a studio, or on screen, in print and multimedia and you'll gain real production experience right from the start of your course.

When it comes to career opportunities, the sky is the limit. Whether you aspire to be an actor, advertising professional, animator, journalist, graphic designer, public relations practitioner, television producer or any other role in the industry, CSU provides support and state-of-the-art facilities to help you achieve your career goals.

Once you have spent some time in the industry, you can maximise your career opportunities through postgraduate study or pursue academic avenues by undertaking your own research project, such as an exhibition, published book or a number of other creative endeavours.

CSU has an excellent reputation for producing Communication and Creative Industries graduates who are making a real impact in their chosen fields. Some of CSU's well-known graduates include Samantha Armytage (journalist and television news presenter), Jessica Rowe (journalist and author), Andrew Denton (television producer, comedian and television presenter), Mark Bannerman (actor) and Brendan Cowell (actor, screenwriter and director). If your dream is to follow in the footsteps of CSU's graduates as a professional in an area you are passionate about, write your name in our storybook and explore where a CSU degree can take you.

If you have applied for a Communication and Creative Industries course for 2018 book your consultation / audition here. These consultations can be face-to-face or by phone. You'll get to meet our friendly staff, learn about life at CSU and see our amazing facilities first hand. Put yourself in the picture now!

Career opportunities

  • Acting

    Are you inspired to explore new roles or reinvent yourself? Perhaps you have a natural ability to tell a story, connect with audiences or bring a character to life? If you want to express your creativity through acting, voice and movement in an industry where you will be surrounded by like-minded people, then consider a career as an actor. Careers in Acting can take you across borders, with many Australian graduates treading the boards on the international stage.

    CSU’s Acting degree provides the skills and industry knowledge you need to pursue a career as a professional actor. You will learn how to act, move and use your voice through an intense practical program. There are opportunities to further develop practical skills through interaction with students in CSU’s highly regarded Design and Television degrees, preparing you for industry where you will work closely with the production crew.

    Our students gain public performance experience in real theatres where they have opportunities to put their acting skills to the test by entertaining real audiences. Students engage in studio, mainstage and theatre productions, giving them real versatility in acting and strong preparation for their future career in the industry.

    Careers in acting

    • comedies, infotainment programs, mini-series, serial drama, series drama and tele-features
    • feature films, television commercials and voice-overs
    • independent metropolitan and regional theatre companies

    Professional recognition

    CSU’s Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Acting) is recognised by the professional guild, the MEAA (Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance). Formal professional accreditation is not required to become an actor, however recognition of CSU’s course by the MEAA assists our graduates to gain the essential union card, allowing them to gain award-rate contracts for paid employment.


  • Advertising

    Advertising is a career with creative potential and great practical focus, with an emphasis on research, strategy, client management, media, creative and production. The world of advertising is constantly evolving to develop concepts that captivate consumers and leave a lasting impression on target audiences.

    CSU’s degrees offer opportunities for you to gain a cross-section of knowledge and experience, allowing you to tackle a range of roles within the advertising industry. Intense workshop and internship programs will provide you with further industry insight and help you build relationships with organisations and agencies that could lead to future employment opportunities.

    At CSU, you will develop practical skills by working with real clients on real projects at our internationally awarded on campus advertising agency Kajulu Communications. Our Advertising students use the agency to work on marketing communications strategies and campaigns for clients who have included Pfizer (Revolution), Beam Global (CC&Dry and Devil's Cut), Telstra, the Australian Institute of Management, Coca-Cola, and Save the Children. CSU teams have won an impressive 11 out of the last 14 titles for the International Advertising Association (IAA) 'Big Idea' national inter-university marketing communications competition; both CSU teams have been in the top four finalists seven years running, with one of the two Kajulu teams, Kajulu Red, taking home the top prize for 2016.

    Careers in advertising

    • advertising agencies (creative, media, digital, experiential and interactive)
    • marketing communication roles in client companies
    • the media and media buying organisations
    • advertising and market research companies
    • direct response, sales promotion and other marketing consultancies.


  • Animation and visual effects

    Animators are digital artists who have strong design skills that they combine with information technology knowledge to produce creative animations. Career prospects in the ever-expanding field of creative digital arts are lucrative – just take a look at the Box Office and app sales. You could create animations or visual effects for movies, commercials, television programs, music videos, video games or software publishers.

    CSU’s Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Animation and Visual Effects) is designed for students who are passionate about creating memorable visuals and bringing their imagination to life. The degree features cross-discipline opportunities, current industry standard software, the latest learning tools, exhibitions and festivals and a welcoming team environment founded upon creative arts practice.

    You will be taught by lecturers who have real industry experience including international multi-award-winning sound designer and senior lecturer, Damian Candusso. Damian has more than 15 years of experience in film, television, animation, games, music and installation art. His feature film work has included The LEGO Movie (2014), The Great Gatsby (2013), Happy Feet 2 (2011) and Baz Luhrmann’s Australia (2008) among many other achievements.

    Careers in animation

    • 3D graphic animation, motion design and interactive media
    • computer games, multimedia and visual effects
    • advertising and market research companies
    • film and television production.


  • Art / Fine art

    Are you passionate about history and the cultural significance that art plays on modern life? CSU’s Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Art History) and Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Environmental Art) provide students with the skills, knowledge and cultural understanding needed to be successful in a modern arts career.

    Art has the power to educate, inspire and change the way we look at the world around us. A degree from CSU can help you harness your creativity and expose you to new ways of thinking about art and the role it plays in society. You’ll be well placed to communicate your ideas across a variety of mediums and audiences in Australia and overseas.

    Whether you choose to study on campus or online (please note that the Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Environmental Art) is only available for online study) you’ll have access to the latest technologies and facilities designed to help you make the most of your studies. Both courses offer hands-on learning to prepare you for life-long learning and an introduction to professional practice.

    Careers in art history

    • research
    • education and curation
    • art based editorial roles

    Careers in environmental art

    • advertising and media
    • galleries and museums
    • industrial design and fine art

    Careers in fine art

    • illustration and design
    • education
    • gallery or museum administration, management or curation


  • Radio

    Careers in radio can include roles in advertising, copywriting, production, programming, sales and promotion and station management. To succeed in this industry you require dedication, creativity, strong communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment; skills which can be acquired through CSU’s Radio degree.

    CSU’s Bachelor of Communication (Radio) prepares you for promotional communication roles within the radio industry and associated media industries. You will discover how radio is used as a marketing medium and understand the role of creative planning and research, and the promotions functions of radio practitioners. You will gain valuable hands-on experience in our on campus radio station at CSU in Bathurst, preparing you for the workforce when you graduate.

    Careers in radio

    • copywriting at radio stations
    • radio advertising manager
    • sales and promotion.


  • Design

    Theatre and television designers create the world in which a play or scene takes place by interpreting a text and bringing it to life. Designers are responsible for the visual concept of a film, television or theatre production and work closely with the director or producer. If you are fascinated by costume or settings, have an eye for locations and lighting, or can hear the perfect sound for the show, then a career designing for theatre and television could be for you. Our students can choose to selectively focus on a particular design element and medium or maintain a broad range of knowledge and skills. You can even choose to specialise in either television or theatre design, although there may be some overlap.

    CSU’s Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Design) merges theory and practice, giving students the opportunity to acquire experience designing sets, lighting, sound, costumes and properties. There is an emphasis on bringing your designs to life through rigging and plotting lights, SET, set and costume construction, sound operating skills and production, and stage management for the theatre.

    Our students also gain hands-on experience when they put their skills into practice in productions at CSU’s Riverina Playhouse, Studio Theatre, and on campus TV Studio, or in television productions filmed on location.

    Careers in design

    • set, properties, lighting, sound design for stage and screen
    • production and stage management for theatre and events
    • costume set, lighting and sound crew for stage and screen
    • company and tour management for theatre and events


  • Journalism

    Do you have a passion for storytelling, great communication and writing skills? Do you want to uncover and report on real issues? Journalists work in a world of endless possibility in a fast-paced environment. Whether the day is spent working from a bustling newsroom or the news takes them to the centre of the action on location, journalists rarely spend a dull moment on the job. Our journalism students want to be part of the action of social and public debate. They seek high profile jobs in media, are inclined towards a creative career, and have a sense of social responsibility. As a journalist, you will gather, write and produce information for the mass media and other organisations involved in professional communication. You will uncover news stories, address the public’s right to information and respond to the rapidly changing media environment.

    CSU’s broadcast journalism graduates go on to work with metropolitan or regional radio and television stations. Our graduates work in news, current affairs and other program areas, as well as in the booming online journalism sector. Graduates specialising in print journalism may be employed by metropolitan or regional newspapers and magazines as writers, researchers, editors, and online journalists.

    Careers in journalism

    • broadcast and print journalism
    • current affairs or news journalism
    • social media
    • multimedia journalism.


  • Public relations

    Nearly every medium and large organisation has communication staff or employs public relations consultants. Public relations practitioners are skilled in planning and managing communication strategies, crisis and issues management, writing for organisations, communication audits, media relations and communication campaigns.

    Many of CSU’s public relations and organisational communication graduates are industry leaders or work in major national organisations and consultancies. Communication, relationships and reputation are central to careers in public relations. Public relations practitioners work on behalf of an organisation or individuals including companies, charities, government departments or celebrities. Roles in public relations involve managing and organising the client’s public profile and relationships with important stakeholders.

    Careers in public relations

    • non-profit organisations and community relations
    • private public relations consultancies
    • public or corporate affairs departments

    Professional recognition

    CSU’s Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) and Master of Communication (Organisational Communication) has long been accredited by the Public Relations Institute of Australia, which is that sector’s peak professional body.


  • Graphic design

    Graphic designers can specialise in fields including television, film, computer graphics, corporate designs, book and magazine design, advertising and illustration. The work demands creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.

    CSU’s Graphic Design courses are tailor-made to meet the demands of industry and the aspirations of highly motivated students by developing creative, theoretical and technical skills. Diversity is the key, with subjects covering all aspects of design, advertising and new media including web and video applications. CSU also offers flexible study options - graphic design degrees are available on campus and by distance education.

    Careers in graphic design

    • digital publishing and interactive design
    • magazine and print production
    • illustration, corporate identity and advertising.


  • Photography

    Photographers create visuals for everything from fine art to commercial and advertising services, and need to master a range of technical equipment including cameras, lenses, lighting and specialist software. CSU’s photography courses cover techniques from analogue to the latest digital imaging, to provide graduates with a well-developed aesthetic sense, strong visual problem solving skills and the technical proficiency to produce innovative, exciting and bold work.

    Our photography students have access to state-of-the-art facilities to ensure they are experienced using the equipment and techniques found in the workplace, including digital photography facilities, digital imaging labs, analogue darkrooms, lighting studios and public gallery space.

    Careers in photography

    • commercial, advertising, corporate and industrial photography for professional studios or freelance
    • media outlets such as magazines and newspapers either on a freelance or editorial basis
    • roles in galleries, museums and government


  • Theatre / Media

    Theatre / Media graduates are involved in the many creative aspects of theatre production, working as producers, performers, designers, trainers, digital producers, teachers, directors and writers, festival event managers or in arts coordination and management, among other creative roles. CSU has a proud history of producing graduates who excel in physical theatre, human circus, television and radio and community theatre, with graduates including Mike Finch (Artistic Director, Circus Oz) and Amanda Keller (Mondo Thingo).

    CSU’s professionally recognised Theatre / Media degree provides practical and theoretical innovation for the entertainment, communication and information industries. Our students gain valuable skills in performance, dramatic structure, theatre production, media research, communication theory, professional writing, digital production and production management for special events.

    Our impressive Theatre / Media facilities include a fully-equipped theatre, media centre, nationally networked FM radio station, rehearsal studios and production rooms as well as costume, construction and wardrobe workshops. Students gain plenty of hands-on skills throughout their studies and further develop these through an industry internship, which allows them to develop strong professional connections.

    Careers in theatre / media

    • arts and event management
    • digital production and new media
    • film, radio, television and theatre.


  • Television

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the excitement and creative processes that take place behind the scenes of a television program? If you are motivated, tech-savvy and have a passion for television, then a career in television could be for you. While a creative streak will help in this career area, there are also a lot of technical aspects to a career in television. CSU’s television degree addresses all facets of television and operations to help get your career off to a flying start.

    Our Media Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that provides students with the opportunity to learn and create using industry standard technologies. A feature of the Media Centre is a full-scale professional television studio space which provides students with hands-on experience in television. Our computer labs, also located in the Media Centre, provide the latest publishing and editing software for print media, television broadcast and the web so students can prepare and present their material to the world.

    Careers in television

    • directing, production management, television production and writing
    • sound production and post-production editing
    • studio production and technical operations roles.


Furthering your career

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, explore your options through further study:


  • 2MCE Community Radio

    2MCE is CSU’s community radio station, and allows students to help produce local news and current affairs stories for broadcast. Communications students are able to gain hands-on experience and build professional skills and knowledge that will prepare them for work in the radio industry. Students create and produce stories, segments and entire radio programs for broadcast and can play an active role in the day-to-day operations of the station, making them highly regarded by future employers.

  • Communication eXchange

    CSU’s Communication eXchange is a not-for-profit public relations and organisational communication study consultancy providing community groups in the central west with public relations campaigns, event management, and community education and public awareness programs. The eXchange is a collaborative enterprise for CSU’s public relations students who work on public relations projects for real clients, allowing them to develop client relationship skills, media liaison experience, develop websites and other social media communication channels, and manage a wide range of events.

  • Design laboratories, resources and studios

    Design students have access to a variety of state-of-the-art facilities and resources to enhance their learning experience. These include:

    • analogue darkrooms
    • three-wall cyclorama photography studio
    • green screen studio
    • broadcast post-production sound studio
    • public gallery space
    • studio and professional grade digital SLR cameras with a large range of lenses
    • large format print facilities with an industry standard print pipeline
    • wide selection of archival grade and art papers
    • the latest industry software from vendors such as Adobe, Autodesk, Pixar, The Foundry, Vue, Ableton, Avid Pro Tools
    • multiple computing laboratory environments containing specialist animation and visual effect and studio capable of producing stereoscopic productions
    • motion capture facilities
    • wet lab environments for fine arts and design
  • Kajulu Communications

    Kajulu Communications is CSU’s internationally awarded on campus student advertising agency. The word Kajulu means ‘to look ahead’ and since its inception, Kajulu has become a benchmark for innovative teaching and learning strategies. Kajulu’s activities and procedures replicate a real advertising agency, meaning everything from the client briefs to the campaign development and presentation give CSU students real-world experience with industry-standard integrated marketing communications campaigns. Kajulu teams compete against student teams from other universities each year in the International Advertising Association (IAA) Big Idea competition, and Kajulu have won 11 out of the past 14 competition titles.

  • HR Gallop Gallery

    The HR Gallop Gallery is part of the School of Communication and Creative Industries and contributes to the School’s educational program for past and present students, and the community. The gallery provides a non-commercial exhibition venue with a diverse program of art forms and subject matter.

  • National Radio News

    Broadcast journalism students work alongside professional journalists to produce the National Radio News (NRN) service, that is distributed daily by ComRadSat to more than 80 radio stations nation-wide. NRN is run by a small group of experienced journalists, cadet journalists and contributors and is broadcast across Australia, to every state and territory, to regional and metropolitan areas.

  • Television production facilities

    Television Production students have access to a multi-million-dollar broadcast standard television studio, fully equipped with current widescreen digital technologies and a professional digital audio facility. This facility is recognised as one of the best educational studios available in Australia.

    Post-production editing incorporates 12 professional high definition editing suits. Students have access to industry standard platforms such as Avid Pro Tools and Final Cut Studio, as well as dubbing and viewing rooms. A six-camera outside broadcast (OB) truck is used regularly for professional productions including live concerts, major sporting events and corporate functions.

    Students also have access to professional purpose-built theatre facilities including a 200-seat public venue in the heart of Wagga Wagga. These theatre spaces are equipped with lighting, sound and control technologies ensuring industry relevance for all graduates.

  • The Creative Hub

    CSU’s Creative Hub is a specialist multimedia facility that provides students with the opportunity to learn and create using industry standard technologies including the latest in content gathering equipment.

    Students capture sound and vision using portable devices, Prosumer digital cameras, digital pro cameras, digital SLR cameras and audio recorders. Editing takes place in the Creative Hub's computer labs using the latest software and content is produced in the specialist sole-operator digital booth. The Creative Hub's television studio is equipped with three-camera operation, control room with vision switcher, multi-channel sound mixer, soundproof room, green screen facilities, sets and teleprompter. Live content is streamed online through CSU’s campus network and the internet.

  • The Ponton Theatre

    CSU’s Ponton Theatre provides an intimate 99-seat proscenium arch theatre located in a heritage building on our Bathurst Campus, dating back to 1891. The building was converted to a performance venue in 1951 and remains as one of NSW’s oldest continuously operating theatres, entertaining audiences for more than 60 years.

    The venue hosts stand-up comedy, cabaret, film screenings, drama productions, physical theatre and other special events and performance activities. The theatre is the heart of the annual Sprung Festival, a showcase of Theatre / Media creative work. Students learn in a professional, technologically up-to-date environment, and are encouraged and supported to develop and present their own work and manage all aspects of technical production.

  • University Theatre Ensemble

    The University Theatre Ensemble (UTE) is the stage production arm through which students undertaking courses in acting and design for stage and screen gain public performance experience. Each year four productions are held in CSU’s own downtown theatre, the Riverina Playhouse in Wagga Wagga.

  • Theatre media studios and workshops

    The theatre media studios and workshops are housed in a unique 2,200 square metre integrated production facility where students can work on all aspects of rehearsal and production process under one room. The facility offers two classrooms, two large studios, a 40-seat computer lab as well as large areas dedicated to production purposes such as scenery construction and prop making workshops, costume making room and scenery / technical storage. Both studios are equipped with audio and visual equipment, theatre lighting and mirrors. One has a sprung floor, while the other is used for physical and aerial theatre training. Students’ work is created under the banner of Theater / Media’s in-house production company, CYCLE Productions.

Anthony Roberts
Master of Organisational Communication

"My postgraduate studies in Organisational Communication have been invaluable during my career. The ability to engage and communicate within a business, company or government department is essential to achieve optimum results and the skills I developed during the CSU course are put to use on a daily basis. My Masters has enabled me to successfully restructure government departments, improve their culture and drive better communications with the people of NSW.

"The CSU lecturers bring real world experience that helps to ensure that students not only develop the necessary skills to become strong communicators but also have the insight and knowledge of best practice standards in today’s industry. I enthusiastically recommend postgraduate studies in Organisational Communication at CSU."

Anthony Roberts the NSW Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy, Leader of the House, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Member for Lane Cove, Member of the Liberal Party

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