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Humanities, Social Work and Human Services

Humanities, Social Work and Human Services

CSU's Humanities, Social Work and Human Services degrees can provide a path to a career working with people from different backgrounds, resolving social problems and empowering others.

Careers in this field present opportunities to work in a wide range of social welfare and social work agencies in areas such as case management, individual and family work, group and community work, child protection, aged services, disability and rehabilitation, health, community services and corrections. You could also choose to pursue a career working with a particular community group such as children, older people, or people affected by domestic violence, drug abuse or mental illness, or other social problems.

Employment opportunities extend beyond these areas and an Arts or Liberal Arts degree can lead to professional roles in fields requiring strong communication skills, critical thinking and investigation of global and historical culture.

Whatever profession you choose, our degrees will equip you with the industry knowledge and practical skills you need to succeed, and we offer opportunities for you to enhance your learning and advance your career through postgraduate study or our range of Higher Degrees by Research.

If you are not sure which path to take, use our Humanities, Social Work and Human Services decision tree to find the degree that suits you.

Career opportunities

  • Social Worker

    Social workers are concerned with the wellbeing of individuals, families and community groups. They promote social and economic justice, working with people in the context of their physical, cultural, social and structural environments.

    Career opportunities include casework, counselling, advocacy, community engagement and social action to assist people at both the personal and social level. Duties may include counselling individuals through a crisis, providing clients with information on services, or helping community groups plan and carry out programs. Skills in this field are transferable to other industries or professions, for example politics.

    CSU’s range of social work degrees are accredited with the Australian Association of Social Workers and will provide you with the knowledge, skills and ethical framework to become an industry-ready social worker.

    Career opportunities

    • individual and group social counselling
    • case management
    • social administration and policy formation
    • social action and program planning
    • family work and rehabilitation
    • health, community services and corrections


  • Child Welfare

    You could make a real difference in a child’s life through a rewarding and challenging career in child welfare. Roles in child welfare and protection will see you working with disabled, homeless, foster or abused children among others to help provide them with a brighter future. Child welfare caseworkers work closely with the families of children and assist to improve the child’s situation.

    A career in this field is truly a personal experience where your work will directly influence the quality of life for children at-risk or with special needs. If you want to work with children or young people who have specific needs, you can choose a career in areas such as child welfare, adoption, foster care, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, or drug abuse.

    Career opportunities

    • child protection practitioner
    • child welfare caseworker
    • roles in schools
    • state or local government roles


  • Aged Care Worker

    With an ageing population, there is an increased demand for people who specialise in aged care services. As an aged care worker, you will work closely with older people to assist them with maintaining function in daily life, and to contribute to their communities and enjoy activities that they love. There are career opportunities in a range of settings from hospitals and nursing homes to community centres and home care, so you can be sure there is something to suit your interest.

    Postgraduate studies in gerontology will open up career opportunities in supervisory, managerial or administrative roles in health care facilities. Due to the nature of team-based work, there are opportunities to establish strong professional relationships with other health care providers and further your career.

    Career opportunities

    • hospitals
    • long-term care facilities
    • clinical practices
    • counselling centres
    • home health services
    • community and government agencies
    • research universities


Tailor your degree

If you want to pursue a career in Humanities, Social Work and Human services and wish to gain versatile skills for a range of settings, CSU’s Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Liberal Studies (Arts) will provide you with a recognised and versatile qualification that a range of employers will value. These flexible generalist degrees offer the opportunity to build your degree from a pool of subjects that you can select based on your interests and the fields in which you want to work such as Art History, English, Philosophy, Politics, and Sociology among others. Your broad knowledge provides an excellent foundation for work across a number of sectors, or as a basis for specialised study in your field of interest. For example, CSU’s Bachelor of Arts provides a career pathway for primary or secondary teaching with further study of a graduate entry teaching degree.

Career opportunities

  • art curatorship
  • analytical and communication roles
  • government and the nonprofit sector
  • roles in business
  • writing


Furthering your career

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, explore your options through further study:

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