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Medical Science and Dentistry

Medical Science and Dentistry

Medical Science and Dentistry at CSU give you access to state-of-the-art practical facilities and laboratories, and opens doors to a wealth of opportunities to improve the health of your community. You will be equipped to diagnose and treat illness and injury, as well as have the skills to be innovative, create new products or develop solutions to scientific challenges.

As science advances, new opportunities are being created in the medical research field, and positions can be exciting and rewarding. You may be able to make a real difference to the community where you live and work, through preventing and treating illness, developing practical solutions to improve agriculture or industry, or providing vital dental care.

CSU provides a supportive environment to prepare you for careers in Medical Science and Dentistry fields. You will learn from academic staff with experience working in their fields, using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment on campus. Practical experiences may also be offered through laboratory placements or clinical rotations, giving you an insight into the diverse options available when you complete your studies.

Career opportunities

  • Biotechnology

    Forget the mining boom - financiers are now beginning to favour the biotechnology industry. Australia's ASX-listed biotechnology companies are valued at more than $50 billion, representing huge growth since the industry first emerged in the 1990s. Australia has world-class science and medical research programs, making it an exciting place to be involved in the biotechnology industry.

    Biotechnology is all about the study of plants, animals and microorganisms, and using the knowledge of natural processes to develop new products. These could be new medicines, vaccines, foods or alternative fuels, with a big impact on health, food security, the economy or the environment. You could also be involved in areas like genetic modification, stem cell research, or biological engineering, or supervise research projects.

    Biotechnology is a career path to consider if you are interested in subjects like biology and chemistry, but also have an interest in the ethical considerations of using human subjects in scientific research. You could work alone or in a team, and will couple your enthusiasm for science with the ability to think creatively.

    Career opportunities

    • pharmaceuticals
    • medical technology
    • agricultural biotechnology
    • industrial biotechnology
    • clinical trial teams for medical research
    • high-tech manufacturing
    • research in areas including tropical medicine, regenerative medicine, medical devices

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  • Clinical physiology

    Clinical physiology is the study of how the body functions. Work in this field includes studying and analysing the physical, mechanical and biochemical aspects of the human body and gaining an understanding of the normal way things work.

    A clinical physiologist could explore the impact of behaviour or environment on normal body function; for example, studying how pollen and environment allergens contribute to the incidence of asthma. As a clinical physiologist, you could also be involved in drug development, using your understanding of how the body works to study the interaction between the human body and medications. You will perform physiological tests to diagnose disease, or assess the effect of treatment for existing conditions.

    Clinical physiology is likely to always have a place in the medical field. It is an area that is constantly evolving as new treatments or procedures are developed and tested, and can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing, preventing injuries.

    Career opportunities

    • clinical measurement laboratories
    • hospitals and health services
    • hospital and university research teams
    • cardiac physiology
    • respiratory physiology
    • speech physiology

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  • Clinical science

    Clinical science is a multi-disciplinary field that lays the foundation for clinical practice. Clinical science involves many branches of biomedical science and integrates this knowledge with social sciences, providing evidence-based outcomes that assist health and medical practitioners to provide optimal care for their patients. A clinical scientist will understand the cause and treatment of disease, as well as the social and community factors that contribute to health status and the way health professionals can interact to improve patient care.

    Clinical science is a rewarding career path for people who are interested in science as well as health care, and like the idea of working as part of a team. You could be a member of a research team investigating a particular medical condition or treatment, or interpret test results to suggest appropriate treatment.

    Clinical science study also provides a foundation for further study in a range of postgraduate areas, such as graduate entry medicine.

    Career opportunities

    • employment in medical research institutes
    • roles in government health departments
    • research assistant for clinical trials
    • further specialist study in health disciplines

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  • Dental science

    Dentists are well paid and in high demand to treat disease, decay and injury relating to the mouth, teeth and gums. Dental science is a demanding career path that requires a high level of technical and manual skills, coupled with sympathetic and caring qualities and strong communication skills. If you like working with people, are compassionate and are keen to contribute to improving dental health for patients of all ages, dental science could provide rewarding opportunities.

    As a dentist, your role could include examining teeth and gums, preventative treatments like cleaning, scaling and fluoride therapy, and helping patients plan their oral care. When issues arise, you could repair decayed or broken teeth, treat oral diseases, fit dentures, crowns and bridges to replace lost or damaged teeth, or perform surgery to extract teeth or treat issues of the jaw or soft tissues. You will be able to administer local anaesthetic and prescribe some medication, as well as providing referrals to specialists.

    Career opportunities

    • private practice
    • self-employment
    • mobile dental clinics
    • school dental programs
    • denture clinics
    • hospitals
    • locum dental services

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  • Oral health

    Oral health is now widely recognised as playing an important role in overall systemic health. As a result, oral health therapists and hygienists are recognised as being a key part of the health care picture.

    You will work in collaboration with a dentist to determine oral health treatment therapies for each patient, but work independently to deliver a range of treatments. Dental therapists work predominantly with children and may perform tasks including preventative and restorative work, minor oral surgical procedures and initial trauma management. Dental hygienists assist dentists in providing preventative services to patients of all ages.

    Demand for oral health practitioners is particularly high in rural and regional areas, however you may also work in metropolitan settings or internationally.

    During your studies at CSU, you will gain practical experience using state-of-the-art simulation equipment in purpose-built facilities, and undertaking clinical practice in University facilities, as well as community, rural and metropolitan settings. This will ensure you are prepared to embark on your career when you graduate.

    Career opportunities

    • oral therapist
    • oral hygienist in clinical practice
    • public dental services
    • dental and health administration
    • dental health education
    • industry or university-based research
    • consumer advocacy

    Professional recognition

    Australian Dental Council

    CSU’s undergraduate oral health program is accredited with the Australian Dental Council, with graduates eligible to practise in any Australian state or territory.

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  • Pathology

    More than 70% of medical decisions are based on laboratory results. This means pathology is a crucial part of the health care process, identifying and diagnosing the presence and progression of disease. As a pathologist, you may collect and prepare samples and conduct tests, following strict hygiene procedures. You will examine body tissues, fluids, secretions and scientific specimens, and could prepare tissue sections from surgical and diagnostic cases or autopsies.

    Your role could include performing autopsies to consider the cause of death, the extent of illness and injury or the effects of a treatment. You may also be in charge of supervising the work of others, or writing reports for medical practitioners or coroners.

    Career opportunities

    • hospitals
    • private clinics
    • laboratories
    • specialisations in genetics, haematology, immunology or microbiology

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CSU's Medical Science and Dentistry courses provide a solid foundation in scientific concepts, but much of your real learning will take place through hands-on experience. Whether you're working with patients or conducting investigations in a laboratory, you will complete a range of practical activities on campus and in industry throughout your degree.

  • Dental and Oral Health Clinics

    CSU has five Dental and Oral Health Clinics across its Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange and Wagga Wagga campuses. These clinics are open to patients from the wider community and provide some of the first professional training for CSU's Dental Science students. You could undertake placements at any of CSU's Dental and Oral Health Clinics throughout your course, working under the supervision of qualified dental practitioners to perform duties that will increase as you progress through the course. This experience will help you build your clinical skills, communication and patient relationships, and understand how dental practices function.

  • Simulation Centre

    Manual skills are a crucial part of dental practice, and you will develop these in a simulated environment before you progress to working in the clinics. Dummy heads and various mock teeth will simulate real scenarios, and you will develop your professional skills and health and safety practices while gaining confidence and becoming more comfortable in a clinical environment.

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