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Policing, Law, Security and Emergency Management

Policing, Law, Security and Emergency Management

Our award courses are delivered by CSU's Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security (AGSPS), the School of Policing Studies (SOPS), Centre for Law and Justice, and in partnership with the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES), and include Bachelor, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters and Doctoral levels.

About our schools

  • Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security (AGSPS)

    The AGSPS is internationally recognised as a leader in the law enforcement, emergency management and security industries.

    Our courses are designed to meet the complex challenges faced by professionals in an ever-changing world. At the AGSPS we recognise that as a busy professional you require access to high quality courses, which are intellectually rigorous and challenging, but fit with your career and lifestyle commitments.

    Our courses are designed to provide this intellectual rigour and are flexibly delivered, including intensive face-to-face, online collaboration and distance education modes. The courses are delivered by leaders in their fields, who have a combination of professional practice and academic experience and maintain close collaboration with law enforcement, regulators, universities, research bodies, private industry and emergency services providers in Australia and overseas.

    AGSPS delivers online Bachelor courses for serving police officers, the Bachelor of Policing, for serving police and officers in law enforcement agencies with a policing focus, in order to enhance their professional policing practice and knowledge, and the Bachelor of Policing (Investigations) for serving police officers who intend pursuing a career in investigation. The bachelor courses are available globally.

    Graduates of our courses have the creative intellectual capacity and skills which are sought out to fill senior positions in policing, compliance, security and emergency management by law enforcement, regulators and blue chip companies. The teaching and research interests at AGSPS range across a broad spectrum of key global issues including:

    • cyber-crime
    • financial crime
    • terrorism
    • investigation
    • leadership
    • natural disaster emergency management
    • intelligence and counterintelligence
    • law enforcement and social networking
    • transnational crime
  • Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES)

    The Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES) is the world’s leading provider of training and education in the highly specialised areas of customs, excise and border management.

    Recognised by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and our peers as international leaders in the field of Customs education, we play a key role in establishing and maintaining the WCO Professional Standards.

    The quality and range of CCES products and services is unsurpassed. No other organisation provides either the quality or range of practical, academically sound products and services. These are continually updated through our ongoing research activities to reflect contemporary and emerging issues.

    The WCO has officially recognised only 14 academic programs that comply fully with the WCO Professional Standards, six of which have been developed by CCES. For this reason, CCES is the trainer of choice for Customs administrations around the world.

  • Centre for Law and Justice

    The Centre for Law and Justice is a team of highly qualified and experienced legal practitioners and researchers. Our Bachelor of Laws is unique across the world for its incorporation of compulsory Indigenous Australian content and cultural competence. Our students will study specialised regional law topics relating to community and resource law in addition to the traditional law curriculum. This helps ensure our graduates are engaged in their communities and equipped for global citizenship in a digital age.Through our teaching, research and community service, the Centre for Law and Justice demonstrates our commitment to the rule of law, the promotion of the highest standards of ethical conduct, professional responsibility and community service.

  • School of Policing Studies (SOPS)

    The School of Policing Studies is Australia’s leading provider of police recruit level training, with a partnership with the NSW Police Force to design, develop and deliver tertiary courses in policing. CSU and the NSW Police Force jointly provide the formal entry level studies undertaken to gain entry to the NSW Police Force Service.

  • Study areas

    • Join the NSW Police Force

      Policing is a career where you can really make a difference and that's one of the reasons why record numbers of people are applying to join the NSW Police Force.

      Since 1998 Police recruit training in NSW has been a collaborative effort between Charles Sturt University and the NSW Police Force. The result has been a professional and skilled police force able to respond to community needs with integrity, compassion and respect.

      The first step in joining that team is completing the University Certificate in Workforce Essentials. For all the information on how to become a NSW Police Officer, visit the NSW Police Recruitment website

    • Law and Criminal Justice

      CSU’s Bachelor of Laws is designed to prepare students to work as professionals in the field of law. The degree is suitable for any person wishing to become a legal professional in a range of roles and settings, with a particular focus on issues affecting rural and regional areas.

      Our Bachelor of Criminal Justice prepares you for a wide variety of careers in criminal justice and related professions. You will also be equipped with the skills and knowledge to progress to the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP) or to pursue a more generalist criminal justice pathway.

    • Intelligence Analysis

      CSU's Intelligence Analysis program is intended to provide law enforcement and intelligence professionals, whether they are in the police, public or private sectors with the opportunity to undertake studies at postgraduate level in the area of intelligence.

      Courses available in Intelligence Analysis at CSU

    • National and Transnational Crime; Fraud, Financial Crime, and Anti-Money Laundering

      CSU's Investigation programs are aimed at meeting the educational needs of those working within police, the public and corporate sectors who have responsibility for leading and managing complex investigations.

      Courses available in national and transnational crime; fraud, financial crime, and anti money laundering at CSU:

    • Emergency Management

      The impact of emergency and disaster events, both within Australia and around the world, has seen a steep rise in the demand for professionals with tertiary qualifications. Emergency Management professionals apply a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of emergency risk management, including emergency risk management planning, operations management and recovery management, working to ensure the needs of communities are met in times of disaster. Emergency Management professionals may work with a variety of organisations, from public bodies such as local government, emergency and community services, to private industry, including essential services, public utilities, manufacturing industries and the commercial sector.

      Courses available in Emergency Management at CSU

    • Fire Investigation

      Skilled and professionally qualified Fire Investigators are required in a range of workplace settings. They may find themselves working on behalf of the public, for insurance companies or for a fire service organisation. To do this they must be conversant with current investigative best practice, the physics of fire behaviour and providing expert witness in court. Their investigations may take them into specialist areas, such as marine fires, vehicular fires, electrical incidents and explosion investigation.

      Courses available in Fire Investigation at CSU

    • Police Leadership

      CSU's Police Leadership courses examine the practical challenges of leadership and management in complex contemporary policing and regulatory professional environments.

      Courses available in Police Leadership at CSU

    • Investigations; Corruption and Integrity Management

      CSU's Investigations, Corruption and Integrity Management programs are designed to enhance the skills of investigators and those interested in the study of crime in contemporary Australian society.

      Courses available in Investigations, Corruption and Integrity Management at CSU

    • Terrorism and Security

      CSU's Terrorism and Security program aims to develop and increase the knowledge base of practitioners in the fields of counterterrorism, safety and security.

      Courses available in Terrorism and Security at CSU

    • Customs and Border Security

      CSU’s Border Management and Customs Administration programs are developed for people engaged with Customs, other border agencies and in businesses involved in cross border trade. These programs are highly relevant to both international and domestic students.

      Customs and Border Security courses available at CSU

    • MBA(Law Enforcement and Security)

      CSU’s Master of Business Administration (Law Enforcement and Security) is designed to provide advanced business qualifications for those working in the law enforcement and security fields. This is the only course of its kind offered by distance education.

    • Bachelor degrees for Police Officers

      CSU’s Bachelor of Policing and Bachelor of Policing (Investigations) are designed for serving police officers in order to enhance their professional policing practice and knowledge, or who intend pursuing a career in investigations.

      Bachelor degrees for Police Officers available at CSU

    • Professional development short courses

      The Centre for Professional Development & Education comprises our specialist and short courses, programs and seminars. Designed to meet the specialist requirements of our clients in government and regulatory agencies and the private sector.

      Our courses are designed and delivered by experienced practitioners and academics Certificates of successful attainment issued by CSU Eligibility and accreditation towards completion of postgraduate studies at CSU.

      Drawing on our academic and industry expertise we provide professional development courses in:

      • Forensics
      • Investigations Management
      • Operational and Strategic Intelligence
      • Investigative Interviewing
      • Terrorism and Security
      • Emergency Management and Fire Investigation
      • Consequence Management
      • Commercial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering
      • Ethics / Professional Standards

      The National Strategic Intelligence Course is a partnership between Charles Sturt University (CSU), the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and has been educating law enforcement professionals for more than 10 years.

      More information on the National Strategic Intelligence Course [PDF]

      Contact Us

      For further information about your professional development and education requirements contact
      Email: profdevelopment@csu.edu.au

    • International programs

      The Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security has a strong international presence including the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore. From time to time the AGSPS offers international professional development opportunities with a focus on leadership, operational command or specific areas of interest.

    • Public Safety and Security

      CSU's Bachelor of Public Safety and Security is an internationalised degree designed to prepare and develop the professional practice of those entering or working in the rapidly emerging field of public safety and security. This course will also benefit those working in, or wanting to work in, in national security whether that be protecting our borders, or responding to the threat of terrorism.

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Be inspired by some of our recent graduates as they share their experiences about studying Terrorism and Security Studies, Leadership and Management (Policing and Security) and the Associate Degree in Policing Practice at their CSU graduation day.

Be inspired by some of our recent graduates as they share their experiences about studying Terrorism and Security Studies, Leadership and Management (Policing and Security) and the Associate Degree in Policing Practice at their CSU graduation day.