Develop the business and leadership skills that matter to you. At once practical, engaging and affordable, CSU's Master of Business Administration is one of Australia's most versatile MBA programs. Choose specialisations and electives that match your career aspirations, and study online at a time and place to suit you.

Our degree equips you with the fundamental skills and knowledge to enable you to effectively manage an organisation, provide leadership and direction to a team of people, manage budgets and finances, guide marketing activities and help set your organisation's strategic direction.

Sandy MacQuarrie explains what motivated him to enrol in the MBA at CSU.

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Sandy MacQuarrie - Master of Business Administration

Sandy MacQuarrie explains what motivated him to enrol in the MBA at CSU.

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Matt Banning shares his Charles Sturt University (CSU) story of completing undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Bachelor of Accounting and Master of Business Administration

Matt Banning shares his Charles Sturt University (CSU) story of completing undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


Cameron Pearce
Master of Business Administration (Educational Leadership)

"Completing my MBA has fast-tracked my career by about 10 years. I was successful in being promoted from a Head of Sub-School to the position of CEO of a multi-campus independent school in the space of three years, and having my MBA has been a major contributor to this promotion. Obtaining an MBA in the field of education has given me a distinct advantage over other education leaders. It has enabled me to understand what it takes to run a complex multi-divisional organisation so that everything works to improve student outcomes.

"I considered a number of factors when choosing to study at CSU, including subjects, costs, flexibility, accessibility and the fact that I was able to gain credit for previous study. I also needed a course that had a course structure relevant to my field and one that would fit into my hectic life as an executive with a young family. CSU ticked all these boxes .The fact that I could also study online allowed me to be flexible with my time. My children were toddlers while I was studying, so studying at night after they went to bed was a regular pattern. Working in a school, I also had access to extra holiday periods, which enabled me to invest extra time during these periods.

"My most memorable experience at CSU was getting a high score for the accounting unit. For someone who has never studied accounting, it was a big thing to engage in such a subject and succeed.

"If you are considering studying at CSU, go for it, as you won't be disappointed. I have already convinced two of my key team members to sign up and they are now completing an MBA through CSU. That's how much I believe in this course."

Phillip Campion
Master of Business Administration

"Completing an MBA has assisted me to move into a different career area that I had not been involved in previously. When considering which course to select, I wanted a course with a wide selection of subjects that would broaden my knowledge base in business.

"I selected CSU for its many locations as well as my close proximity to Bathurst. Having the ability to access the library was also a factor when choosing to study but having the flexibility to learn online while working away proved to be the biggest advantage. In order to fit study into my life I would block out set weeknights and use half a day on Saturday as study time. Having the ability to access the forums and chat with other students, as well as receive quick feedback, made it easy to connect with other students studying the same course online.

"My most memorable experience at CSU was how busy the 24/7 library was with students using the facilities at all hours.

"For someone considering studying at CSU, I would describe CSU as a very good learning organisation with the right environment and support for students to achieve their educational goals."