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As one of Australia's most versatile MBA programs, CSU's Master of Business Administration will help you develop the business and leadership skills that matter to you. Choose specialisations and electives that match your career aspirations, and study online at a time and place to suit you.

Sandy MacQuarrie explains what motivated him to enrol in the MBA at CSU.

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Sandy MacQuarrie - Master of Business Administration

Sandy MacQuarrie explains what motivated him to enrol in the MBA at CSU.

Matt Banning shares his Charles Sturt University (CSU) story of completing undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Bachelor of Accounting and Master of Business Administration

Matt Banning shares his Charles Sturt University (CSU) story of completing undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


Brett Power
Master of Business Administration

"For anyone considering studying at CSU, I would say don't think, just do. You won't regret the opportunity! Regional universities like CSU have a flavour that you don't get in capital cities. The lecturers are relaxed, as is the environment. The course quality is second to none and the wide open spaces and mixed culture of students really sets CSU apart.

"Fitting study into my life was difficult as I was required to travel interstate on a regular basis in my role as an executive with one of the big four banks, but the flexibility of the course and the fact that the course content was available online was a great option. No matter where I was I could meet all of my study requirements.

"I would describe CSU as the market leader when it comes to distance education. The MBA provides practical business training and is competitive in relation to cost, flexibility and content. The MBA has given me a practical level of knowledge and the confidence to think outside of the square and apply what I have learned to real-life situations. Six months after completing the course I gained a promotion, which I attribute to the greater level of understanding and insight I received during the course.

"Attending residential schools in locations such as Sydney CBD, Bathurst and Wagga Wagga campuses provided me with the opportunity to meet other students and staff as well as utilise the facilities that CSU had to offer.

"My most memorable moment at CSU was being admitted to the Golden Key International Honours Society, CSU Chapter - something I won't forget."

Phillip Campion
Master of Business Administration

"Completing an MBA has assisted me to move into a different career area that I had not been involved in previously. When considering which course to select, I wanted a course with a wide selection of subjects that would broaden my knowledge base in business.

"I selected CSU for its many locations as well as my close proximity to Bathurst. Having the ability to access the library was also a factor when choosing to study but having the flexibility to learn online while working away proved to be the biggest advantage. In order to fit study into my life I would block out set weeknights and use half a day on Saturday as study time. Having the ability to access the forums and chat with other students, as well as receive quick feedback, made it easy to connect with other students studying the same course online.

"My most memorable experience at CSU was how busy the 24/7 library was with students using the facilities at all hours.

"For someone considering studying at CSU, I would describe CSU as a very good learning organisation with the right environment and support for students to achieve their educational goals."

Angus McDonald
Master of Business Administration

"In looking to select a course which would support my professional development, the MBA was an obvious choice. It is widely recognised and well regarded for providing highly valuable skills across disciplines including finance, human resources, marketing and leadership.  There are many different MBA programs out there, from those offered by small private education providers to very expensive ones from some universities, so finding the right mix of quality, flexibility and value for money can be difficult.  CSU provides a very good fit against these measures, with a tried and tested formula providing quality education through online or distance modes, along with the credibility that comes with being an established Australian University.

"The flexibility to shape study around family and a busy full time role which includes regular travel was very important. At the same, it was still important to complete my study through a well regarded university. Value for money was also very important, with CSU providing the best combination of these factors compared to the tuition fees.  Relocating for work is a regular part of my profession. The distance study mode allowed me to complete the Graduate Certificate as I was living in Auckland, New Zealand, while the rest of the MBA was completed while living in Brisbane.  Studying by distance/online meant that as long as I could make it to attend exams, the rest of my study could be completed wherever I happened to be. For each unit, I would usually try to get ahead on coursework early in the session, to allow for more flexibility throughout the rest of the subject.

"The course has provided a toolkit of valuable skills which are applied in my work every day. Most important of all, post graduate study at CSU has significantly developed my critical thinking skills, which are highly valuable as my career progresses into more strategic roles.  Many of the assessment tasks completed throughout the course involved applying the academic theory and concepts learned to solve real problems back at the business I work in. This practical focus integrated the learning at CSU with my everyday professional activities, allowing theory to be converted into real action.

"A great quality, approachable faculty meant that despite being thousands of kilometres from a campus, I always felt well supported throughout my study. While many institutions now offer online and hybrid courses for professionals like me, as a regional University, CSU has been doing this for a long time, developing an established and well refined model for off campus education."