Ready to help shape the rapidly evolving and growing agricultural industry? CSU's Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management combines study in agricultural production and science with a variety of business disciplines, preparing you for entrepreneurial, management and leadership roles in the agricultural sector.

As the agricultural industry undergoes rapid transformation, agribusiness companies including the major banks are seeking employees skilled in business, management and finance, who have technical agricultural training. There is also increasing demand for better-trained farm managers of large agricultural enterprises.

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The Webinar was hosted by Professor of Agricultural Business Management, David Falepau from the University's School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences.

Watch and discover the benefits of the course, the career opportunities for graduates, what it is like to study by distance education and the costs involved.

This Webinar included a question and answer session.

Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management webinar

Watch and discover the benefits of the course, the career opportunities for graduates, what it is like to study by distance education and the costs involved.

Infographic - Highest Graduate employment rate in the country


Simon Crump
Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management

"CSU's Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management gives you the best of both worlds. The degree is hands-on and challenging but rewarding and gives you a great grounding to enter the agricultural industry. No matter what you are hoping to do, from farm management, agribusiness, policy or research and development, this degree gives you the skills and knowledge you will need to start your career.

"The teaching staff are passionate, professional and highly experienced, with many having previous careers in their relevant fields. This means you learn from people with practical, real life knowledge.

"With the strong industry connections, the contacts and networks you establish during the degree are endless. It is these networks that open doors for work both during and after study. It was not unusual to have guest lectures from heads of agribusiness banks, top research and development experts, as well as leading farmers, many of whom also studied agricultural business management."

Giles Ditchfield
Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management

"It is reassuring to know there are always multiple jobs offered to graduates of the Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management. Another aspect that appeals to me is that there are so many sectors within agriculture, so I can choose to gain employment where my interest is. The best part of my course was travelling to America for industry experience where I undertook an assessment on the cropping strategies in America and how they could be applied here in Australia.

"The class sizes at CSU are smaller compared to other universities, which is such an advantage as it is more personal, the lecturers are more than willing to answer questions, give you extra help and share their experiences in the industry.

"We have visited the test plots on campus and used all the labs during practical classes. On many occasions we have gone on tours to nearby farms in the area, where we learnt in action how different people operate their farms."

Ryan Aggiss
Wine Science graduate

Young Winemaker of the Year in 2009, Ryan Aggiss has claimed various trophies and medals at national and international wine shows, enjoyed a sabbatical through France's renowned wine regions, undertaken an internship in the Napa Valley, California, and worked as a winemaker in all regions of Australia.

A passionate winemaker for the past 10 years, Ryan said CSU's Wine Science degree was his first choice due to the regard the degree has in the industry, adding that he often draws on the technical advice and experience of his university peers, many of whom are now successful winemakers in their own right.

"I'm currently in charge of the daily winemaking at Houghton Wines Nannup, a 5,000Tn facility in the south-west of WA. I am extremely proud and satisfied of my current role and relish the challenges the position entails on a daily, weekly and monthly basis."

"I chose CSU because it is renowned in this industry as without a doubt the best wine science / viticulture / wine marketing degree in Australia, with an excellent record of distance education capabilities. My best experiences at CSU were Wine Sensory 2, amazing wines and meeting and nurturing my network of industry peers.

"I'm motivated to make the best wines for Australian consumers I can, to experiment and continually trial winemaking practices and to create inspiring wines for all. My greatest achievement to-date is the 2013 Houghton Gladstones Cabernet Sauvignon, and in the future I'd like to make the greatest Australian Bordeaux blend, both red and white, ever made."


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