Looking for a competitive business degree that offers maximum flexibility? CSU's Bachelor of Business Studies allows you to design your own degree – giving you the flexibility to study a wide range of business subjects and even combine subjects from other areas including arts, humanities and science.

If your plans change along the way, you can exit CSU's business degree with an Associate Degree in Business Studies after completing 16 subjects, or with a Diploma in Business Studies after completing eight subjects.

Cameron Bennett and Josh Koen share their on campus experiences at CSU following their graduation.

Computer Science and Business Studies at CSU

Cameron Bennett and Josh Koen share their on campus experiences at CSU following their graduation.

Infographic - The average starting salary for a CSU Business graduate is $62,000

Genna Inzitari discusses her decision to study with CSU and how it has impacted on her career.

Genna Inzitari - Public Relations / Business graduate

Genna Inzitari discusses her decision to study with CSU and how it has impacted on her career.


Guy Flynn
Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

“I was quite young when I made the choice to do a Bachelor of Business. I think it was for the security of a business degree. I changed from a marketing major to an accounting major after my first year following a motivational conversation with Philippa Hogan, who was my accounting lecturer at the time.

“I originally didn’t get accepted into University through the University Admissions Centre (UAC) due to the subjects I chose at school. I put this down to immaturity at the time and not really knowing what career I wanted. But with hard work and dedication, I learnt that I could achieve high marks and now, allow me to be in the position I am in my career and life.

“I lived in Bathurst and lived close to the campus while I was studying. Bathurst is a great city, the cost of living was low and I could continue working my part-time job to pay for my fees and books. The social life was great. Some of my best friendships were made at CSU and I still keep in close contact with them today.

“In my final year I did a work placement at Alan Morse & Co (now The Morse Group). This was great as I was able to apply my studies and get a feel for what it would be like to work a typical job in an accounting firm. It really was a very useful experience. I was also privileged to receive a $2,000 scholarship and I used the funds to pay for a second-hand laptop.

“Completing this course definitely prepared me for the workforce. Of course, I also needed to have resilience and know how to lead myself and others, but undertaking the course and learning how to balance a part-time job, studies and a work-life balance are all skills that I use every day in my current role.

“My most memorable CSU experience would have to be after my final exam, the whole class of Accounting Theory (exciting, I know!) went for a beer with our lecturer, Kay Plummer. Kay was a great role model and really helped me become the professional I am today.

“I was the first in my family to graduate from University. My family didn’t really understand what it meant, but they were very happy for me as they knew how hard I studied throughout my degree. It was a real sense of achievement.

“I am working in my chosen field of study. I am a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in London. I started at PwC in 2005 in their Canberra office and came on a ten week secondment to PwC’s London office in 2008. Eight years later, I am still here! I work in Assurance which includes external audit, internal audit, accounting advice and other advisory engagements. I work with a range of clients including charities, government entities and international companies listed on the FTSE100.

“To anyone considering studying at CSU - it is the start of many great choices you can make. It’s easy to be side-tracked by the bright lights of a large city – but the balance of a community feel and receiving the highest quality learning, I would definitely make the same choice again.”

Paige Cuy
Bachelor of Business Studies

"When I was in Year 12 at Broken Hill High School, CSU visited our school and did a presentation about studying at CSU. CSU is known for its sporting culture, which attracted me towards studying and a few people from my home town highly recommended CSU as it was the 'best days of their lives'.

"I was accepted into CSU through early entry. I would encourage Year 12 students to apply for early entry at CSU as it gives you another pathway to get into University.

"The Bachelor of Business Studies provides a whole range of electives that cover all aspects of business. It allows me to do a variety of different subjects that will help me if I want to own my own business or work in a corporate business. My dream job would be in management in a mining company or working in a sporting organisation. This course is helping me achieve this goal by giving me experience and knowledge of what I need to know when I go out into the 'real world'.

"The best thing about university is the new friendships I have made, which will be for a lifetime. I couldn't imagine my life without some of the people I have met at university. CSU is also a very sport-related university, which I also love.

"If you are considering studying at CSU, I say go for it. Do what you love while experiencing new and exciting things. If you are ready to experience a completely different way of life I recommend going to CSU. The staff will help guide you through university and into the next chapter of your life."