Scholarship Name Eligibility Study Area Amount Closing Date
Drones Inspector Annual Scholarship Currently studying at university; good academic st... read more Any US$1,000 2018-12-01
Fringe Pursuits Athletic Scholarship Full time and part time study; domestic and intern... read more Any US$1,000 2018-12-01
Going Rural Health Clinical Placement Supports students with associated costs of accommo... read more Nursing / Allied Health /Other Health Science up to $200 pw full time and up to $100 pw part time 2018-12-01
Submit Core Digital Marketing Scholarship Full time or part time student in Canada, US, Aust... read more Any US$1,200 2018-12-01
The SF| iP Scholarship Program Australian citizen or permanent resident; undergra... read more Business / Communications $ 5,000.00 2018-12-01
Aboriginal Early Childhood Education Scholarships Must be of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islande... read more Education - early childhood $20,000 2018-12-07
Leisa Goddard Scholarship for Excellence in Media Australian citizen or permanent resident; undergra... read more Communications / Journalism / public relations. $ 5,000.00 2018-12-14
Rural & Regional Enterprise Scholarships Australian citizen, permanent resident, holder of ... read more STEM up to $18,000 FT 2018-12-14
The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Scholarship Must be 18 years or older; Australian citizen or p... read more Medical / Health $ 5,000.00 2018-12-14
Lark Health Scholarship Students must be full time; domestic or internatio... read more Any Up to $2,000 2018-12-17
2018 Sparesbox Scholarship Currently enrolled in a Business, Marketing, Manag... read more Business/ Marketing/ Management/ Commerce or any Business-related course $5,000 2018-12-22
The Capstone Editing Grant for Mid-Career Researchers Employed in a research position at a research inst... read more Science $ 5,000.00 2018-12-30
2018 PDFelement Scholarship Must be 18 years or older and enrolled full time a... read more Any $1,000 2018-12-31
Governor-General's Undergraduate Essay Competition Undergraduate or honours students. Closing in June... read more Any up to $10,000 2018-12-31
Rose Lawyers Scholarship Program Must be 18 years or older; Australian citizen or p... read more Law $ 2,000.00 2018-12-31
The Expert Institute Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship Must be actively pursuing a degree related to heal... read more Science, Health, Life Sciences $ 1,000.00 2018-12-31
Websites 'N' More Scholarship Must be aged between 18-25; enrolled full time; be... read more Information Technology / Digital Marketing $ 1,000.00 2018-12-31
Adrian Rubin Scholarship Must be enrolled at time of application; undergrad... read more Any $1,000 2019-01-01
Southwestern Rugs Depot Scholarship Enrolled full time or part time; must submit an es... read more Any US$500 2019-01-02
Cowra CWA Medical Education Grant Resident of local Council areas of Binalong, Booro... read more Science / Allied Health / Psychology / Nursing $ 2,500.00 2019-01-17
Nursing & Midwifery Rural Undergraduate Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident living in... read more Science/Nursing and Midwifery $ 5,000.00 2019-01-18
OEC Scholarship Fund Australian citizen or permanent resident; disadvan... read more Any up to $10,000 2019-01-21
Gowrie Postgraduate Research Scholarships Research students who are descendants of a member ... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-01-24
Charlie Perkins Scholarships Indigenous Australian's for Postgraduate study at ... read more Any funds up to 3 yrs living expenses, fees etc. 2019-01-28
Indigenous Scholarship Program Identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island... read more Any $10,000 2019-01-29
CatHammock Scholarship Australian resident; undergraduate or postgraduate... read more Science / Vet Science / Animal Science $1,000 2019-01-30
Northparkes Mines Indigenous Scholarship Indigenous students - wide range of courses rangin... read more Science/Business $5,000-$10,000pa 2019-01-31
Madalah Indigenous Scholarships Transition scholarships and Tertiary Student Schol... read more Any Various 2019-01-31
Motorhome Republic Student Scholarship Must write a 1,000 word thought piece; explain goa... read more Any $2,500 2019-01-31
Freddy Fricke Scholarship Indigenous students; NSW university; Information T... read more Business /Arts/ Science/ Health $5000/year 2019-01-31
ParaQuad NSW Scholarships Member of ParaQuad NSW; Australian Citizen or perm... read more Any up to $5,000 2019-02-11
Better Credit Blog Scholarship Any student currently enrolled; must provide proof... read more Any US$1,750 2019-02-15
Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarships Indigenous students studying any health related pr... read more Science / Nursing / Allied Health $ 5,000.00 2019-02-15
Swift Digital Scholarship Open to university students and graduates from the... read more Digital / Marketing $ 2,500.00 2019-02-27
Chrissy Weems Scholarships Must have been accepted in university or must be c... read more Any $1,000 2019-02-28
Nursing & Midwifery Postgraduate Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident of Austra... read more Science/Nursing and Midwifery $ 5,000.00 2019-03-01
AIDR Emergency Management Volunteers Scholarship Must be emergency management volunteers undertakin... read more Emergency management or disaster resilience field Up to $25,000 2019-03-04
Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship Penultimate year domestic student; undergraduate; ... read more Science/Engineering - Opens 17 October $2,500 Paid work placement living away allow $250 2019-03-11
Australian Bicentennial Scholarships & Fellowships Discipline Scholarships and Fellowships are one-off awards of... read more Any 2019-04-27
Nursing & Midwifery Undergraduate Clinical Placement Grants Australian citizen or permanent resident; reside i... read more Science/Nursing and Midwifery Up to $1,000 2019-05-03
Savvy Fintech Scholarship Australian and international students; full-time o... read more Business $5,000 2019-06-30
Positive Lending Solutions Entrepreneur Scholarship Create and submit a plan to support your entrepren... read more Any $2,500 2019-08-31
2018 Short Essay Scholarship Must be a current or future student, undergraduate... read more Any $ 2,000.00 2019-09-01
Dr Barbara Wright Postgraduate Scholarship (AFGW) Women undertaking postgraduate study commencing af... read more Any up to $5,000 2019-09-30
Kenneth W Tribe Fellowship Fund Deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing students; Austr... read more Any Up to $5000/year 2018-12-31
Indigenous Scholarships - Scholarship Search Engine Indigenous studentsread more Any Various 2019-
2019 AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship In final two years of study within a financial ser... read more Science / Agriculture / STEM $5,000/year 2019-02
Art Gallery of NSW - Internships Art students, several internships available, Vario... read more Arts Unpaid 2019-03
Bendi Lango Bursary Must be able to demonstrate Aboriginal and/or Tor... read more Arts/Psychology $15,000 full-time $7,500 part-time 2019-03
Boyce TQ Accounting Scholarship Undergraduate students studying accounting; Austra... read more Business / Accounting $2,000 2019-03
DSTO Scholarships and Placement Program Full time student; have a requirement of a practic... read more Science and Technology Industry Placement 2019-04
Youth off the Streets National Scholarship Anyone aged between 16-21; permanent resident; dem... read more Any $ 6,000.00 2019-04
AMP Tomorrow Fund Australian citizens and permanent more Any $10,000 - $100,000 2019-05
Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Australian Museum Eureka Prizes reward excellence... read more Various - see webpage $ 10,000.00 2019-05
RAS Foundation Rural Scholarships Australian citizen or permanent resident with a pa... read more Any Full-time $6,000 Part-time $3,000 2019-08
Sydney Royal Wine Scholarship Anyone who can demonstrate an interest in a strong... read more Science/Business $6,000 full-time $3,000 part-time 2019-08
A Start in Life Education Scholarship Students 24 years of age and under experiencing fi... read more Any up to $4,000 Ongoing
Hort Innovation Internship Program Australian or NZ citizen or permanent resident; wi... read more Science / Agriculture / Horticulture $8,000 towards internship Ongoing
Health Workforce Scholarship Program Must hold a primary professional qualification; wo... read more Health / Allied Health / Nursing / Dentistry up to $10,000 Open all year
The Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates Enrolled in undergraduate degree; based on financi... read more Any $ 3,000.00 Open all year
CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship Opportunity for a Vacation Scholarship Currently e... read more Science/Engineering Stipend Vacation work Pending