Other fees and charges

Accommodation and living expenses

Additional expenses may include:

  • accommodation costs, food, bills, and entertainment
  • text books
  • fee for accommodation and meals during residential school (for distance education students). These charges will be advised with the general residential school information provided by Student Services each session.
  • Specific course requirements such as protective clothing, materials and computing programs. Refer to the course information

2017 University fees and charges

As a student, you may need to pay additional fees or charges such as:

  • Late fees - full fee paying students, enrolment application amendments or acceptances
  • Fees for Reviews of Decision where a student wishes to have a grade reviewed
  • Fees for documents and items such as transcript of academic record, or replacement ID cards
  • Other fees such as deferment of enrolment, additional assessment, misconduct fine
  • Library fees for special library loans, database searches, and professional library staff assistance
  • Fines- overdue items, or to replace missing or damaged items
  • Photocopying/printing
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) and Privacy fees
Tuition Fee-Paying Students
Late payment of tuition fees(per subject, International Onshore)$100.00
Deferred payment fee(when an extension of time to pay is granted)$50.00
Late Fees - All Students
Late amendment to enrolment after the census date for the session(per subject)$100.00
Late application for a grade pending or supplementary examination$50.00
Late application for a review of grade(per subject, non-refundable)$50.00
Late application for graduation$50.00
Late change to examination centre$50.00
Fees for Reviews of Decision
Review of fail grade(where student wishes to have fail grade reviewed N/C)$0.00
Review of grades(refundable if upheld)$100.00
Review of summative task - where student wishes to have fail grade reviewed$0.00
Review of summative task - where student wishes to have passing grade for specific task reviewed
Note: The fee applicable is based on the year of the exam period e.g. for 2017 exam refer to 2017 fees
(payment to be made on application of review)$100.00
Fees for Documents and Items
Official transcript of academic record from CSU predecessor institutions$50.00
Official transcript of academic record for CSU students$20.00
Additional copies of a CSU transcript when ordered concurrently with above(per copy)$5.00
Replacement of a CSU testamur$100.00
Replacement of a CSU Card$25.00
Replacement badge(nursing, medical imaging, midwifery, pre-hospital care)$25.00
Supply of a subject outline from previous sessions(per subject)$25.00
Subject Material Notes and Readingsat cost
Photocopy of examination answer booklets(per subject)$25.00
Replacement of HECS/PELS/CAN liability statement(per session)$10.00
Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS) replacement cost$50.00
Other Fees
Reinstatement following the cancellation of enrolment(International Onshore)$200.00
(All other)$100.00
Overseas Examination Centre fee(per student, per centre)$100.00
Graduation fee for a student continuing in higher level award course and graduating from lower level articulated course$200.00
Maximum fine for proven academic misconduct under the Student Academic Misconduct Rule$1,000.00
Library Fees - CSU Members
Core Interlibrary loans(per request)$10.00
Core Interlibrary loans for academic/research staff and PhD/Masters/Honours students$0.00
Non-Core Interlibrary loans(Rush, Express, etc)at cost
Commercial Film hireat cost
Library Fines
Overdue reserve item(per item, per hour)$1.00
Recalled items(per item, per day)$5.00
Lost fine fee(per item)$30.00
Bill for replacement of non-returned or damaged items. The Library reserves the right to charge the actual replacement cost. Reduced charges may apply for minor damage to items.(per item)$150.00
Overdue Surface Pro(per device, per hour)$5.00
Lost Surface Pro(per device)$2,500.00
Photocopying/Printing (includes GST)
Black & White A4 Single sided(per page)13c
Black & White A4 Duplex(per page)24c
Black & White A3 Single Sided(per page)26c
Black & White A3 Duplex(per page)51c
Colour A4 Single sided(per page)55c
Colour A4 Duplex(per page)$1.08
Colour A3 Single sided(per page)$1.10
Colour A3 Duplex(per page)$2.18
Microfilm & microfiche printing(per page)22c
Government Information (Public Access) - GIPA
Applications for access to information (Section 64 - 67 GIPA Act)$30.00
Processing applications(per hour)$30.00

Discounted charges may be available on the basis of financial hardship or public benefit. Processing charges do not apply for personal information about the applicant.