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Getting into uni isn't just about your marks at school. We have a range of pathway programs that can help you get a degree, even if you don't get into your preferred course straight away. We understand that not everyone has the same opportunities in high school, and that sometimes if you're given the chance to study something you're passionate about, you'll really shine.

Pathways at CSU include guaranteed entry to most CSU Bachelor degrees through the Diploma of General Studies. You can also get ready for your degree and build some extra skills through short STUDY LINK preparatory subjects.

Access schemes

If things don't quite go to plan during your preparation for university, our access schemes can help.

Indigenous Access Program (IAP)

IAP is a supported pathway into university, while assessing skills and suitability for academic life. The Indigenous Access program will provide a personalised pathway for you to make tracks to a great career!

Regional Bonus Points

We understand that not all schools have the same access to resources and services as their bigger, metropolitan counterparts. That's why CSU's equity program, the Regional Bonus Points Scheme supports regional students by adding an additional five bonus points to their ATAR.

Early entry

Did you know you could be made an offer to one of CSU’s courses before you’ve even received your ATAR? CSU recognises your passion and potential and will take a look at your academic achievements from Year 11 through UAC's Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS). SRS is open to students Australia-wide and you can apply for early entry for most of our courses.

Note: Students enrolling in CY O'Connor's Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management program can download an early entry form specific to this course.

Please note: early entry is not available for the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Biology / Bachelor of Veterinary Science
  • Bachelor of Dental Science
  • Bachelor of Technology / Master of Engineering (Civil Systems)
  • Diploma of General Studies

Unsure which degree?

CSU offers some general undergraduate degrees providing another pathway to more specific studies. Due to the flexible program structure, you can choose your subjects to suit your own interests. These broad-based degrees generally have lower admission requirements, so they can provide a great pathway if you miss out on a place in your preferred course.

More about these degrees:


TAFE / VET courses are a great way to dip your feet into further study, especially if you are unsure whether uni is for you. CSU has partnerships with TAFEs across Australia, offering programs that combine TAFE and CSU study giving you a nationally recognised qualification.