Indigenous Access Program

The Indigenous Access Program is a five day entry program which helps you assess your skills and suitability to study at CSU.

How this course can help

During the course, you'll be able to:

  • Build confidence in preparing for university
  • Undertake a range of assessments to determine your suitability for your chosen course
  • Create a personalised pathway plan for your academic future
  • Access course advice from staff
  • Meet students
  • Gain career guidance and support

Successful completion of this program will provide you with a guaranteed entry in a range of CSU Bachelor courses.
Find out if the degree you want to study is eligible for this course.

IAP participants who went on to become CSU students had a higher progress rate (75%) than non-IAP Indigenous students (68%,)

Who can participate?

Are you an Indigenous Australian, either school leaver or mature-aged wanting to attend university but unsure you meet the entry requirements? If you answered yes, the Indigenous Access Program is for you!

Travel and accommodation will be provided and there are no associated costs for eligible participants in NSW.

More information

Phone:6933 4020

News Articles

Maddison Buckland - Wiradjuri, 2016 IAP participant

Maddison Buckland

"I’ve discovered that there is so much support in this program and it has opened up my eyes and made me realise I can do something that I didn’t think I could do." – Maddison Buckland, Wiradjuri, 2016 IAP participant

Noah Dorin, Wiradjuri, 2016 IAP participant

Noah Dorin

“I think the Indigenous Access Program is one of the best programs around, it allowed me to grow immensely. I highly recommend it to all" – Noah Dorin, Wiradjuri, 2016 IAP participant.

Jackie Burke, 2015 IAP participant

Jackie Burke

"The Indigenous Access Program is life changing and I would recommend it as a turning point for people like me who didn’t know what to do with their lives and that such an option existed."– Jackie Burke, 2015 IAP participant