Indigenous Student Success Program (formally known as ITAS)

The Indigenous Academic Success Program is a free program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled at CSU.

The IASP Team is here to assist you succeed with your studies by providing tutorial assistance with a qualified tutor, access to Learning Advisors for general academic support and access to study centres for a wide range of areas, including course specific sessions.

Support is both in person and Online and once engage in the program the ISSP team can provide referrals to other services available at CSU to see you become best you can be.

The program is available to you whether you are studying on campus or online and is tailored to meet your individual needs. It’s where you want it and when you want it.

Please email your questions to

Shaliya Stone - ITAS supported student

Shaliya Stone

"Studying by distance has many challenges and therefore having an tutor in my community is really helpful as I can talk to someone about my studies face to face. My tutor is also a mentor to me and is a professional in the field and therefore I find the program very valuable."

David Bobongie- ITAS supported student

David Bobongie

“I found tutoring helpful because I was given a great insight into the subjects that I was studying. My tutor wasn’t just there to help with my studies; they were a mentor and gave me a great deal of support. Charles Sturt University was great in organising the tutors for me and they were easy to approach and followed through with support. I didn’t just get help because I was not doing well, I was given help to lift my grades from ok to really great!”

Taylor McLean - ITAS supported student

Taylor McLean

"Tutoring for me has helped me grasp concepts in another perspective, opening up views to certain things I wouldn't have been able to understand otherwise. My tutor-student relationship is one that helps me progress through my course with no speed bumps. Without tutoring I would not be succeeding the way I am. It's a highly positive initiative that should be taken on board by anyone who has the opportunity."

Colin Luck - ITAS supported student

Colin Luck

"Having a tutor has helped me immensely. Some of the work that my tutor has helped me with was to show me the correct format that I need to university standard, by showing me where to look for the information for my assignments, checking my assignments before they are sent off. I cannot fault the tutor that I had for this year. In my final year next year having a tutor will help by taking the pressure of me in regards to getting the assignments finished and sent away on time."