Scholarship Name Eligibility Study Area Amount Closing Date
Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarship Be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin.... read more Science/Health $5,000 per year 2019-02-22
Lorna Earl and William Woodberry Be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent... read more Any $15,000 2019-02-22
NSW Cookery Teachers Association Scholarship Public school students completing Year 12 in 2018 ... read more $6,000 pa for 3 years 2019-02-26
Swift Digital Scholarship Open to university students and graduates from the... read more Digital / Marketing $ 2,500.00 2019-02-27
Retail Express Scholarship Full time study in Marketing, Business or Technolo... read more Marketing / Business / Technologies $1,500 2019-02-27
Chrissy Weems Scholarship Must have been accepted in university or must be c... read more Any $1,000 2019-02-28
2019 AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship In final two years of study within a financial ser... read more Science / Agriculture / STEM $5,000/year 2019-03-01
Nursing & Midwifery Postgraduate Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident of Austra... read more Science/Nursing and Midwifery $ 5,000.00 2019-03-01
Gallipoli Scholarship Fund Australian citizen; resident in NSW or ACT; under ... read more Any $ 6,000.00 2019-03-01
NAFEA Student Scholarship Program Financial assistance for placement. Must be curren... read more Any up to $1,500 2019-03-01
AIDR Emergency Management Volunteers Scholarship Must be emergency management volunteers undertakin... read more Emergency management or disaster resilience field Up to $25,000 2019-03-04
Australian Sugar Industry Scholarship Penultimate year domestic student; undergraduate; ... read more Science/Engineering - Opens 17 October $2,500 Paid work placement living away allow $250 2019-03-11
SARDI Science Bursary for Aboriginal Students Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander post graduate... read more Science/Agriculture $ 1,500.00 2019-03-15
Aurora Native Title Internship Program Any. Anthropology and Social Science - strong aca... read more Arts/Science Internship 2019-03-29
Brian Gray Scholarship program Open to final year full-time Honours and PhD stude... read more Business / Finance $ 15,000.00 2019-03-29
Heart Foundation Health Professional Scholarships Any health delivery professionals (including alli... read more Science up to $40,000 2019-03-31
ADA - Study Grants for Indigenous Dental Students Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; enrolled ful... read more Science/Dentistry $ 5,000.00 2019-03-31
ADA - Study Grants for Rural and Remote Dental Students Australian citizen or permanent resident; enrolled... read more Science/Dentistry $ 5,000.00 2019-03-31
AFTE Scholarship Students entering third year or higher of degree p... read more Science / Forensic Science $2,000 USD 2019-04-01
InvestmentZen Financial Future Scholarship Any full time student enrolled at more Any $1,000USD 2019-04-01
NSW Rural Allied Health Postgraduate Scholarship Be an employee of, and based at, a rural located p... read more Science up to $10,000 2019-04-05
NSW Rural Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarship Enrolled full-time in rural Allied Health course i... read more Science up to $10,000 2019-04-05
IvyPanda $1,500 Semi-Annual Video Contest Scholarship Must be enrolled in high school, college or univer... read more Any $1,000 2019-04-07
Medshop Student Australia Student Scholarship Program Must be enrolled and studying full time in a medic... read more Science / Allied Health / Nursing $3,500 and $1,500 2019-04-10
Future Teacher Scholarships - Teachers Federation Anyone enrolled in a teacher education degree; Aus... read more Education $ 4,000.00 2019-04-26
Australian Bicentennial Scholarships & Fellowships Discipline Scholarships and Fellowships are one-off awards of... read more Any 2019-04-27
NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarships Australian citizen or permanent resident; permanen... read more Education $10,000-$15,000 2019-04-28
The Capstone Editing Research Scholarship for Honours Students Enrolled full-time (part-time students eligible in... read more Any $ 3,000.00 2019-04-30
Tangerine Scholarship Studying full time in a Marketing related course; ... read more Marketing $ 1,000.00 2019-05-01
Nursing & Midwifery Undergraduate Clinical Placement Grants Australian citizen or permanent resident; reside i... read more Science/Nursing and Midwifery Up to $1,000 2019-05-03
Margaret Ida Howie Scholarship Women; Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identi... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-05-31
BetaShares ETF Student Grant Must be an Australian citizen or Australian perman... read more Any $ 3,000.00 2019-06-03
MS Research Australia Postgraduate Scholarships Students who plan to undertake or are currently un... read more Science/Health up to $30,000 pa 2019-06-28
Beyond the Range Professional Experience Grant Currently enrolled in your second, third or fourth... read more Education up to $5,000 2019-06-28
Savvy Fintech Scholarship Australian and international students; full-time o... read more Business $5,000 2019-06-30
Alan Duncan Award Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men; applica... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-06-30
Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship Postgraduate student enrolled full-time in a resea... read more Any $ 6,000.00 2019-06-30
AudioReputation Annual Scholarship Program Enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program; p... read more Any US$1,000 2019-06-30
Lark Health Scholarship Students must be full time; domestic or internatio... read more Any Up to $2,000 2019-07-10
Australian-American Fulbright Commission Australian citizen; cannot hold dual US-Australian... read more Any Stipend Travel allowance 2019-07-15
The Capstone Editing Carer’s Travel Grant for Academic Women Female academic; primary carer for one or more chi... read more Any $ 3,000.00 2019-07-30
The Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women Female students; employed as an academic staff mem... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-07-30
The Capstone Editing Conference Travel Grant for Postgraduate Research Students Enrolled in a postgraduate research degree; intern... read more Any $ 3,000.00 2019-07-30
The Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students Must be enrolled in a postgraduate degree by cours... read more Any $3,000 voucher 2019-07-30
Mark Pompei Student Scholarship Be enrolled in an accredited part-time course, wor... read more Education $2,000 plus other benefits 2019-07-31
Positive Lending Solutions Entrepreneur Scholarship Create and submit a plan to support your entrepren... read more Any $2,500 2019-08-31
2019 Short Essay Scholarship Must be a current or future student, undergraduate... read more Any $ 2,000.00 2019-09-01
Dr Barbara Wright Postgraduate Scholarship (AFGW) Women undertaking postgraduate study commencing af... read more Any up to $5,000 2019-09-02
SEEKVISA 2019 Scholarship Open to all students; undergraduate or postgraduat... read more Any $4,000 2019-10-01
Larsen Jewellery Design Scholarship Must be Australian citizen or permanent resident; ... read more Design / Visual Arts $ 3,000.00 2019-11-30
Lionel Murphy Endowment Postgraduate Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident; have com... read more Science/Law/Legal Up to $40,000 2019-11-30
Trendhim Scholarship Anyone of any age from any country studying fashio... read more IT / Marketing / eCommerce / Business / Accounting €\ 2,000 2019-12-01
Indigenous Scholarships - Scholarship Search Engine Indigenous studentsread more Any Various 2019-
Art Gallery of NSW - Internships Art students, several internships available, Vario... read more Arts Unpaid 2019-03
Bendi Lango Bursary Must be able to demonstrate Aboriginal and/or Tor... read more Arts/Psychology $15,000 full-time $7,500 part-time 2019-03
Boyce TQ Accounting Scholarship Undergraduate students studying accounting; Austra... read more Business / Accounting $2,000 2019-03
DSTO Scholarships and Placement Program Full time student; have a requirement of a practic... read more Science and Technology Industry Placement 2019-04
Youth off the Streets National Scholarship Anyone aged between 16-21; permanent resident; dem... read more Any $ 6,000.00 2019-04
NSW Rural Allied Health Clinical Placement Grants Australian citizen; resident of NSW; second year o... read more Science/Allied Health up to $750 2019-04-05 and 2019-09-13
Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Australian Museum Eureka Prizes reward excellence... read more Various - see webpage $ 10,000.00 2019-05
AMP Tomorrow Fund Australian citizens and permanent more Any $10,000 - $100,000 2019-05
Sydney Royal Wine Scholarship Anyone who can demonstrate an interest in a strong... read more Science/Business $6,000 full-time $3,000 part-time 2019-08
RAS Foundation Rural Scholarships Australian citizen or permanent resident with a pa... read more Any Full-time $6,000 Part-time $3,000 2019-08
John Monash Scholarship Australian citizen; completed or completing underg... read more Any $70,000/year July
Hort Innovation Internship Program Australian or NZ citizen or permanent resident; wi... read more Science / Agriculture / Horticulture $8,000 towards internship Ongoing
Health Workforce Scholarship Program Must hold a primary professional qualification; wo... read more Health / Allied Health / Nursing / Dentistry up to $10,000 Open all year
The Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates Enrolled in undergraduate degree; based on financi... read more Any $ 3,000.00 Open all year
CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship Opportunity for a Vacation Scholarship Currently e... read more Science/Engineering Stipend Vacation work Pending