Single subject study

Single Subject Study gives you flexibility without the commitment of a full degree. The program allows you to:

  • study subjects that require no prerequisites, prior knowledge, or experience
  • sample university, or test out a subject area
  • update your professional qualifications
  • build your skills or explore your passions
  • prove to yourself that you are capable of university study

Detailed information about Single Subject Study

2017 tuition fees

Tuition fees for the Single Subject Study program are charged per subject and are the same cost for on campus or distance education study. Fees are payable upfront and are unable to be deferred. You will receive advice about payment options when you receive a letter of offer into the subject.

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Undergraduate subject level - 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx

The Undergraduate Student Contribution for each subject falls within one of three bands. These bands indicate what the cost of a subject will be.

Bands Cost per 8 point subject
Domestic Students
Band 1$1,030
Band 1 - PSY101, PSY102$1,030
Band 2$1,650
Band 3$1,860
Band 3 - PSY1xx, (exclude PSY101, 102 above) PSY2xx, PSY3xx, PSY4xxx$1,900
CSU Study Centres Domestic Undergraduate$3,000
CSU Study Centres Domestic Undergraduate BIT$3,166
International Students
All Bands$3,000

Postgraduate Subject level - 5xx & 6xx

The Postgraduate Student Fee is based on the subject level and the Faculty in which the subject is offered.

Faculty Cost per 8 point subject
Domestic Students
*Arts / Eduction$2,760
Education - IT Masters all Education Subjects$2,760
Business & Justice Studies$3,000
Business - IT Masters all Business Subjects$3,150
Business - CSU Study Centres$3,150
Science Clinical Placement subjects$3,400
International Students
All Faculties$3,250
IT Masters - all Subjects$3,250
CSU Study Centres$3,338

* Faculty of Education Practice Teaching subjects requiring supervision in a school environment incur an additional fee of $500.

The published fees are for 2017 only. Fees may be adjusted in future years. Above fees are for each 8 point subject. Fees should be doubled for 16 point subjects.