Student services and amenities fee

The SSAF provides universities with the means to maintain and enhance services and amenities that support a wide range of student needs.

The SSAF contributes to the maintenance and ongoing development of essential services and amenities for students, both on and off campus without the need to reduce funding for teaching and research.

How much is the SSAF and how do I pay?

This is a SSAF funded initiative

Most students are required to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). In 2019, the SSAF is $37 per 8 point subject, with a maximum annual fee amount capped at $296 per student. Fees are indexed and may increase each calendar year.

Who is liable for the SSAF?

The following students are liable for SSAF:

  • Commonwealth Government Supported students
  • Fee Paying Domestic students
  • Associate Degree in Policing Practice students
  • Eligible onshore commencing international students, including those studying at partner locations. The fee will not be levied on existing international students who commenced prior to 2013
  • International Online students (not studying via a partner institution)
  • All domestic students (continuing and commencing) studying at partner locations

Please note that CSU has taken the decision to exempt Higher Degree Research students from this fee.

Please also note that other students may become liable for the fee in future sessions as legislative and contractual issues are clarified.

How do I pay the SSAF?

CSU will send out invoices for SSAF each session. If you would like to make a payment please go to our Online Payments page.

For students not deferring, the fee SSAF must be paid upfront by Census date each session.

Eligible students are still able to defer SSAF via SA-HELP up until close of business on Census date.

Failure to pay may result in penalties such as the withholding of grades or inability to re-enrol in subsequent sessions. If you have not paid your SSAF you will have received notices from the University. Please pay as soon as possible.

How do I defer paying the SSAF?

If you are eligible to defer SSAF, you are able to apply for a loan (SA-HELP) via the following link: Apply for a deferral at SA-HELP

Please note that deferring your HECS or FEE-HELP liability does not automatically defer your SSAF liability. You will need to defer SSAF separately through SA-HELP. Once set up, this arrangement will remain in place whilst ever you are enrolled in the same degree. If you subsequently enrol in a different degree, you will need to reapply for SA-HELP.

Please also note that deferment of SSAF needs to take place prior to the relevant Census date.