At Charles Sturt University, we believe that everyone deserves access to higher education.

Each year, we award over $3 million in scholarships and grants to students just like you.

Take the first step and apply for support during your higher education journey. It’s important to know that scholarships are awarded for a range of reasons – not just academic achievement. Charles Sturt students have access to a variety of scholarships with various selection criteria ranging from community service, to your motivation to succeed, to your academic results. We’re not always looking for the smartest student – we’re looking for a student like you who could use some help.

Increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship by being involved in extracurricular activities, local sporting teams, community services or charity events.

Every year, we connect new and continuing students with hundreds of scholarships to help make study more affordable. Think of it this way – a few hours spent on a scholarship application could be worth thousands of dollars down the line.

Scholarships provide financial stability. You may no longer need to work part-time to support yourself, which means you can focus more energy on your studies. You could put your grant towards extra study resources or to fund an interstate or overseas work placement. You may even be guaranteed a job when you graduate.

Financial freedom means you’re free to focus on what’s important – getting your degree and setting yourself up for the future.

Find a scholarship that can help you and apply today.