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Scholarship/Grant Name Description Amount Applications
University Accommodation Grants Access to affordable accommodation is a significant barrier that impacts on Aboriginal tertiary education rates across New South Wales. In response to this, the Aboriginal Housing Office is piloting a new program (University Accommodation Grants). The grants will provide eligible Aboriginal students with assistance to source affordable accommodation options. $10,000 max Applications closed
Indigenous University Games Grant The CSU Indigenous University Games Grant is designed to financially support Indigenous students who apply and are eligible to attend the Australian University Games, as part of the Australian University Sport (AUS) calendar. $1250 Applications open
CSU Conference and Professional Membership Grant The Charles Sturt University Conference and Professional Membership Grant will provide financial assistance for participation at conferences and/or membership (student only memberships will be accepted) to appropriate professional bodies, in the current year. Up to $5000 Applications open
CSU Professional Placement Equity Grant Provides financial assistance for Workplace Learning (professional placement). The grant is approximately $50 to $100 per week of placement. Grants are not intended to provide an alternative to other forms of income and recipients are not to rely on payment occurring prior to attending their placement. up to $50 - $100 per week Applications open
CSU Graduation Equity Grant This grant is designed to assist graduating students of 2017 with the costs associated with graduation including gown hire, travel and accommodation. $110+ Applications pending
CSU Accommodation Equity Scholarship The CSU Accommodation Scholarship is designed to assist commencing and continuing students who are residing in on-campus residences. $5,500 Applications pending
CSU Online Textbook Equity Grant Provides financial assistance to online undergraduate students, to purchase compulsory textbooks to meet course requirements. $500 Co-op Bookshop credit Applications pending
CSU Emergency Equity Grant CSU recognises that unforeseen adverse or emergency events can occur for students. To assist students who suffer such events, CSU offers the Emergency Equity Grant (EEG) up to $500 Applications open
CSU Emergency Equity Food Vouchers Provides assistance to students in need of immediate support to purchase food and personal items. up to $60 in food vouchers Applications open
CSU Relocation Equity Grant (Accommodation) Provides financial assistance for commencing first year students, who are relocating to study at CSU and reside in off-campus accommodation. $500 to $1500 Applications pending
CSU Residential School Equity Grant Provides financial assistance to attend a compulsory residential school up to $79 per night Applications pending
CSU Technology Equity Grant Provides financial assistance to eligible, undergraduate, Commonwealth supported students to purchase computer equipment. Up to $1,000 Applications pending
CSU Equity Scholarship Funds to assist with the general costs of University education. $2000 Applications open
CSU Postgraduate Equity Scholarship Assists students from Equity Groups to study at CSU in a Postgraduate (coursework) course $2000 Applications closed
Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships Funds to assist with the general costs of University education. $5276 Applications closed
Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships Provides Indigenous Students financial support to assist with the general costs of University education. $2637 Applications closed
CSU Excellence Scholarship Based on a combination of academic merit with an ATAR score of 95 or above (inclusive of Regional Bonus) and evidence of leadership and community involvement. $5000 (per annum) Applications pending
CSU Honours Scholarship & SCF (HECS) Exempt Award A cash scholarship for meritorious students studying Honours courses. CSU has elected to waive the SCF for successful CSU Honours Scholarship recipients. $4000 + SCF (HECS) Exemption Applications pending
CSU GOTAFE Scholarship Provides financial assistance to students studying at the Wangaratta GO TAFE Campus $5000 Applications closed
CSU TAFE to University & Pathway Scholarship This scholarship is a TAFE specific scholarship program to assist students to further their education through a CSU undergraduate degree. $2500 Applications pending