Welcome to Port Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship

  • Applications open
  • Available to:
    Commencing Students
  • Value: 50% of on-campus accommodation for the first session

CSU is launching the “Welcome to Port Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship” for international students commencing on the Port Macquarie campus in 2019. The scholarship will cover 50% of the cost for the first semester of study, in our newly established on-campus accommodation. https://accommodation.csu.edu.au/our-rooms/port-macquarie



  • Commencing full-time international students in Session Two 2019.

CAMPUS: Port Macquarie


Applicant must be an international student for a course offered at Port Macquarie Campus for 201960 (July). International Exchange and Study Abroad applicants are not eligible for this scholarship.

Provide evidence of:

  • How much the scholarship will help you financially, as demonstrated in a 500 word essay

The accommodation scholarship is only partially covering accommodation for the first semester of study – it is expected that you still demonstrate financial capacity to study in Australia, as per your visa conditions.

  • Applicant must hold a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for a CSU course, delivered at CSU Port Macquarie

When will applications close?

31 May 2019, or until all scholarships have been awarded.


Who can apply?

  • Any full-time international student visa holder, with a valid COE.

Who cannot apply?

  • International students studying online from their home country
  • International students studying via CSU's international partners in their home country
  • International students who hold an offer including 1 year or more credit for prior learning
  • International exchange or Study Abroad students
  • Students who have been awarded a Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship

What should I include in my essay?

Here are some tips for students on what to write:

  • Personal statement (250 words) - Who you are, what is your background, why you want to study in Australia and your preferred course, what are your achievements etc.
  • Financial hardship (250 words) – How you demonstrate financial hardship, and how the scholarship will assist you in being successful in your studies in Australia.

Will I be notified that my application has been received?

Yes. You will be notified by email when your application has been successfully submitted.

Can I be awarded more than one scholarship?

It depends on the particular scholarships as each scholarship has its own conditions which state whether the student can hold other scholarships or not.

This information is outlined in the eligibility criteria for each scholarship and it is incumbent upon the applicant to ensure they meet the criteria for each scholarship they apply for.

Students who have been awarded a Vice Chancellor International Scholarship are typically not eligible for this accommodation scholarship.

How are applications assessed?

Applicants must read scholarship criteria carefully before applying as scholarships are awarded based on the criteria for each scholarship.

Successful applicants are selected after a series of shortlisting processes, including a review by CSU staff.

From the final shortlist of strong applicants, it is up to a panel within the Division of Student Services to determine the scholarship recipient(s). There will be no appeals process.

Conditions of scholarship.

The scholarship is conditional on the student completing their studies successfully at CSU. Should the student leave CSU Port Macquarie before completing their course, for reasons deemed illegitimate by the University, the student may be liable to repay the value of the scholarship.

Recipients are expected to become active members of the student body and will be required to participate in CSU marketing activities by way of providing testimonials for use in promotional materials or participating in other marketing activities.

Recipients must follow CSU Residences rules. Any student not paying their accommodation fees on time can be evicted and will be liable to repay the amount of the scholarship.

You must agree to all the policies and guidelines of CSU Accommodation: https://accommodation.csu.edu.au/policies-and-guidelines

Scholarships are subject to the student maintaining satisfactory academic progress and continued enrolment in their course. If these conditions are not met, Scholarships may be suspended or terminated.

When will my scholarship be paid?

The Scholarship covers the first session of study (17 weeks). It will be paid to CSU Residences when you commence study.

Students who commence after Orientation will be receiving the scholarship until the end of session only which may be less than 17 weeks

Can I defer my scholarship offer?

This scholarship cannot be deferred. The student must commence study in the session for which they were awarded the scholarship.

Can my scholarship be suspended or terminated?

Termination of a scholarship will occur if the recipient is excluded from their course, if the recipient withdraws or cancels their enrolment or if the recipient fails to maintain satisfactory grades over a prolonged period. Scholarships will also be terminated if the recipient gets evicted from the on-campus residence or transfers to another university or location (campus) of study.

If termination occurs, the recipient will be required to repay the scholarship amount.

Can I apply for an Approved Leave of Absence (ALA)?

An Approved Leave of Absence will cause the scholarship's termination. Should the student not return to study within 12 months, the recipient may be liable for the scholarship amount.


When will I be notified of my applications outcome?

Applications may be assessed competitively if there are more applications than scholarships. CSU will endeavour to provide the outcome at the earliest date possible to allow students to arrange accommodation upon arrival.

Will I be considered as a commencing student if I am transferring from another CSU course or I am applying with advanced standing?

Typically, no. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Tips on applying for a scholarship.

  1. Keep a copy of everything you submit
  2. See the guidelines section for what to include in your 500 word essay.

For more read the information provided on the How to Apply tab for each scholarship.

What are my responsibilities if awarded a scholarship?

You may be required to participate in a number of activities/tasks to promote CSU to the wider community:

  • Provide photographs of your experience to CSU International for use in promotional and marketing items
  • Submit an article about your experience with internal and external media groups
  • Speak to internal and external media for interview purposes
  • Post photos and/or updates through various CSU International social media pages

You will also be required to sign a media release allowing your photos and images of you to be used for promotional and marketing purposes.

If your question isn't answered in the information provided on the website, please feel free to contact us for more information.

How to Apply

Once you have reviewed all the information about the scholarship, eligibility criteria and requirements, please submit your application by email to internationalclient@csu.edu.au and include the following documents:

  • Copy of your CSU Unconditional Offer for a course at Port Macquarie in Session 30 or Session 60 2019.
  • A 500 word (minimum) essay outlining evidence of financial hardship

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. You will receive the outcome of your scholarship application after the closing date. Decisions from the Selection Panel are final and there will be no appeals process.

When will applications close?

Applications are open until:

31 May 2019, or until all scholarships have been awarded.

We encourage you to apply as soon as you are granted a COE.

Need more info?

Contact the Welcome to Port Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship administrator

Delphine Swat