Scholarships from external providers

External organisations offer scholarships for both future and current students right throughout the year. Scholarships are based on either specific study areas or are open to all students.

What scholarships are you eligible for?

See below for currently available scholarships. The list is updated frequently - filter on study area, closing date or scholarship name.

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CSU provides information on scholarships which are funded by third parties as a service to students only, and it is not a complete list. CSU does not endorse the goods or services which may be provided by those third parties, nor do we warrant the accuracy or suitability of any content on their websites. If you access those websites then you do so at your own risk. You must assess for yourselves the suitability and conditions of any available scholarships.

Scholarship Name Eligibility Study Area Amount Closing Date
ACN Nursing Postgraduate Scholarships Must be a registered nurse residing in Australia; ... read more Science/ Nursing / Midwifery - postgraduate up to $10,000 2019-05-13
Future Teacher Scholarships Must be a member of Teachers Mutual Bank; Australi... read more Education $ 6,000.00 2019-05-17
Loris Williams Memorial Scholarship Indigenous students; can demonstrate an interest i... read more Education/Information Studies $ 3,000.00 2019-05-19
Roberta Sykes Scholarships Indigenous Postgraduate students to study overseas... read more Any up to $30,000 2019-05-20
AMP Tomorrow Fund Australian citizens and permanent more Any $10,000 - $100,000 2019-05-27
CRANAplus Undergraduate Remote Placement Scholarship Must be a current CRANAplus member; enrolled as a ... read more Science/Health up to $1,000 2019-05-31
iCare SMSF Scholarship Program Current undergraduate or postgraduate students; en... read more Business / Accounting $3,000 2019-05-31
Margaret Ida Howie Scholarship Women; Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identi... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-05-31
AFGW NSW Education Trust Award Female student in her third year of study planning... read more Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Non STEM $ 1,500.00 2019-06-01
Joan Ritchie Award Female; must be 25 years or over at time of applyi... read more Any $ 1,200.00 2019-06-01
AGA-Goethe Fellowship Supports a student under 35 to undertake a resear... read more Any $6,000 2019-06-03
BetaShares ETF Student Grant Must be an Australian citizen or Australian perman... read more Any $ 3,000.00 2019-06-03
GenAg Future Fund Scholarship Must be an Australian citizen aged between 18-30; ... read more Agriculture $3,000 2019-06-10
Jacaranda Finance Scholarship Must be 18 years or older; Australian citizen or p... read more Any $10,000 2019-06-21
Beyond the Range Professional Experience Grant Currently enrolled in your second, third or fourth... read more Education up to $5,000 2019-06-28
MS Research Australia Postgraduate Scholarships Students who plan to undertake or are currently un... read more Science/Health up to $30,000 pa 2019-06-28
2019 Student Safety Scholarship Must be an Australian Citizen or resident; can be ... read more Any $1,000 2019-06-30
Alan Duncan Award Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men; applica... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-06-30
Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship Postgraduate student enrolled full-time in a resea... read more Any $ 6,000.00 2019-06-30
Kenneth W Tribe Fellowship Fund Deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing students; Austr... read more Any Up to $5000/year 2019-06-30
Savvy Fintech Scholarship Australian and international students; full-time o... read more Business $5,000 2019-06-30
The Results Migration Scholarship Undergraduate or postgraduate; full time in any co... read more Any with a business or legal subject $ 5,000.00 2019-06-30
Lark Health Scholarship Students must be full time; domestic or internatio... read more Any Up to $2,000 2019-07-10
Australian-American Fulbright Commission Australian citizen; cannot hold dual US-Australian... read more Any Stipend Travel allowance 2019-07-15
Budget Promotion Indigenous Scholarship Must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander ba... read more Any $3,000 2019-07-15
NTEU Carolyn Allport Scholarship Females undertaking postgraduate feminist studies,... read more Any $5,000 per year 2019-07-26
NTEU Joan Hardy Scholarship Any student undertaking a study of nurses, nursing... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-07-26
The Capstone Editing Carer’s Travel Grant for Academic Women Female academic; primary carer for one or more chi... read more Any $ 3,000.00 2019-07-30
The Capstone Editing Conference Travel Grant for Postgraduate Research Students Enrolled in a postgraduate research degree; intern... read more Any $ 3,000.00 2019-07-30
The Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women Female students; employed as an academic staff mem... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-07-30
The Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students Must be enrolled in a postgraduate degree by cours... read more Any $3,000 voucher 2019-07-30
BizCover IT Scholarship for Women Females in final year of study. Must have past in... read more IT $ 2,000.00 2019-07-31
Edith Cavell Trust Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident; can be s... read more Science / Health / Nursing Midwifery Various 2019-07-31
Mark Pompei Student Scholarship Be enrolled in an accredited part-time course, wor... read more Education $2,000 plus other benefits 2019-07-31
Hoskins Lithgow Scholarship Must be an Australian citizen under the age of 26 ... read more Any up to $30,000 2019-08-09
Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation Scholarship Australian citizen or Australian resident; studyin... read more Any $10,000 pa 2019-08-09
ABC Blinds Design Scholarship Must be an Australian citizen; demonstrate their p... read more Humanities / Arts / Education $ 1,000.00 2019-08-31
Australian Veterans' Children Assistance Trust Must be a child, step-child, foster child or grand... read more Any $4,000 2019-08-31
Positive Lending Solutions Entrepreneur Scholarship Create and submit a plan to support your entrepren... read more Any $2,500 2019-08-31
2019 Short Essay Scholarship Must be a current or future student, undergraduate... read more Any $ 2,000.00 2019-09-01
Dr Barbara Wright Postgraduate Scholarship (AFGW) Women undertaking postgraduate study commencing af... read more Any up to $5,000 2019-09-02
The Capstone Editing Grant for Professional Thesis Editing Enrolled in Postgraduate or Masters degree; by res... read more Any Free editing service 2019-09-09
Rhodes Scholarship Australian citizen or resident for at least 5 of t... read more Any Covers fees, personal stipend, return airfare, health insurance 2019-09-13
RSPCA Scholarships Enrolled full time or part time; non specific disc... read more Any - research $ 9,000.00 2019-09-27
Australian Disability and Indigenous Peoples' Education Fund Anyone with disability. Applications close 31/3 a... read more Any $ 2,500.00 2019-09-30
RMHC Charlie Bell Scholarship Program Aged between 15-20; undergone treatment for seriou... read more Any $ 5,000.00 2019-09-30
The Pallottine Aboriginal Scholarship Trust Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; must... read more Any Course fees up to four years 2019-09-30
Pinnacle Foundation Scholarships Australian citizen and permanent resident; aged be... read more Any $3,000 and $5,000 2019-10-01
SEEKVISA 2019 Scholarship Open to all students; undergraduate or postgraduat... read more Any $4,000 2019-10-01
Lions Nurses' Scholarship Must be a currently enrolled nurse or registered n... read more Science/Nursing and Midwifery varies 2019-10-31
Real Futures Grant Must be enrolled full-time; studying a certificate... read more Business / Finance / Medical and Health Science / Allied Health $ 5,000.00 2019-10-31
RSPCA Pet Insurance Future Animal Carer’s Grant Enrolled full time in an accredited Australian Ter... read more Science / Vet Science / Animal Science $ 5,000.00 2019-10-31
Wine Australia PhD, Masters and Honours Scholarship Postgraduate students (on campus); based on academ... read more Science/Agricultural and Wine Sciences up to $35,000 (PhD & Masters) up to $6,000 (Honours) 2019-11-01
Larsen Jewellery Design Scholarship Must be Australian citizen or permanent resident; ... read more Design / Visual Arts $ 3,000.00 2019-11-30
Lionel Murphy Endowment Postgraduate Scholarship Australian citizen or permanent resident; have com... read more Science/Law/Legal Up to $40,000 2019-11-30
Sydney Criminal Lawyers Criminal Law Scholarship Australian citizens and permanent residents in the... read more Business / Law $5,000 2019-11-30
Going Rural Health Clinical Placement Supports students with associated costs of accommo... read more Nursing / Allied Health /Other Health Science up to $200 pw full time and up to $100 pw part time 2019-12-01
Trendhim Scholarship Anyone of any age from any country studying fashio... read more IT / Marketing / eCommerce / Business / Accounting €\ 2,000 2019-12-01
Upskilled Education Scholarship Currently studying; must write a 1,000 word respon... read more Any $ 2,000.00 2019-12-01
Rose Lawyers Scholarship Program Must be 18 years or older; Australian citizen or p... read more Law $ 2,000.00 2019-12-31
Southwestern Rugs Depot Scholarship Enrolled full time or part time; must submit an es... read more Any US$1,000 2019-12-31
The Capstone Editing Grant for Mid-Career Researchers Employed in a research position at a research inst... read more Science $ 5,000.00 2020-02-24
Indigenous Scholarships - Scholarship Search Engine Indigenous studentsread more Any Various 2019-
Art Gallery of NSW - Internships Art students, several internships available, Vario... read more Arts Unpaid 2019-03
Bendi Lango Bursary Must be able to demonstrate Aboriginal and/or Tor... read more Arts/Psychology $15,000 full-time $7,500 part-time 2019-03
Boyce TQ Accounting Scholarship Undergraduate students studying accounting; Austra... read more Business / Accounting $2,000 2019-03
DSTO Scholarships and Placement Program Full time student; have a requirement of a practic... read more Science and Technology Industry Placement 2019-04
NSW Rural Allied Health Clinical Placement Grants Australian citizen; resident of NSW; second year o... read more Science/Allied Health up to $750 2019-04-05 and 2019-09-13
Nurses Memorial Centre Postgraduate Scholarships Must be undertaking postgraduate study; open to nu... read more Science/ Nursing / Midwifery - postgraduate $5,000 2019-08
RAS Foundation Rural Scholarships Australian citizen or permanent resident with a pa... read more Any Full-time $6,000 Part-time $3,000 2019-08
Sydney Royal Wine Scholarship Anyone who can demonstrate an interest in a strong... read more Science/Business $6,000 full-time $3,000 part-time 2019-08
Vision Australia Further Education Bursary Client of Vision Australia; Australian citizen or... read more Any Provide adaptive technology 2019-10
John Monash Scholarship Australian citizen; completed or completing underg... read more Any $70,000/year July
Hort Innovation Internship Program Australian or NZ citizen or permanent resident; wi... read more Science / Agriculture / Horticulture $8,000 towards internship Ongoing
Health Workforce Scholarship Program Must hold a primary professional qualification; wo... read more Health / Allied Health / Nursing / Dentistry up to $10,000 Open all year
The Capstone Editing Textbook Grant for Undergraduates Enrolled in undergraduate degree; based on financi... read more Any $ 3,000.00 Open all year
CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship Opportunity for a Vacation Scholarship Currently e... read more Science/Engineering Stipend Vacation work Pending
CSIRO Postgraduate Vacation Scholarship High achieving student enrolled full time in a PhD... read more Science/Engineering Stipend Vacation work Pending