Graduates of CSU Ontario Campus


  • How do I order a copy of my official CSU Academic Transcript?
    Current and past students can order their transcripts online

  • How do I update my personal information such as my email address?
    Be sure to register your personal information online to stay connected with the CSU Alumni Community.

  • If I have successfully completed my teaching degree how do I register with the Ontario College of Teachers?
    Please visit the Ontario College of Teachers' website for specific information about how to apply.

  • If I have questions about the teacher education program itself, that are not listed here, who should I contact?
    Please email

  • I will be graduating from CSU Ontario in absentia in 2016 or 2017. What does in absentia mean?
    You will receive a testamur (diploma) upon successful completion of your degree, but no formal graduation ceremony will be held. Information about future graduation ceremonies for CSU graduates in Ontario (beyond 2015) is not known at this time. Your faculty supervisors will be able to provide graduation instructions closer to the date.
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  • How else can I stay in touch with CSU Ontario?
    The CSU Ontario Facebook page will continue to be updated. Alumni are encouraged to register their information with the Alumni Office, to be kept abreast of news, events and career opportunities.

  • Career management

    • CSU Alumni
      CSU alumni should re-register as a 'graduate' on the Career Hub to access job postings or make a Skype appointment with the Career Development Team. You will need to use your CSU username and password and keep your password up to date. Graduates for up to 12 months after graduation, will have access to the CSU Career Development Service

    • Canadian Employers CSU Ontario partners, including past recruiting agencies, school boards and other employers have been advised to post jobs directly with the Career Hub. Any future postings by Employers should be sent directly to Paul Worsfold, Career Development Coordinator on or phone +612 6933 4191.