CSU’s Bachelor of Laws

Charles Sturt University’s (CSU’s) Bachelor of Laws is unique across the world for its incorporation of compulsory Indigenous Australian content and its focus on specialised regional law topics relating to community and resources law. Our degree will suit you if you’re seeking work as a legal professional in a variety of roles and settings. This could include roles such as a solicitor or barrister, corporate counsel, government and non-government organisations, business and academia across regional and metropolitan areas.

Our Bachelor of Laws will create “Change Makers”; people who will offer real, tangible skills to their communities while driving advocacy and improving access to legal representation.

Through our teaching, research and community service, CSU’s Centre for Law and Justice demonstrates our commitment to the rule of law, the promotion of the highest standards of ethical conduct, professional responsibility and community service.

Become a change maker today.

an impact

Improve access and advocacy

For many regional and remote communities in Australia, the availability of legal advice can be quite scarce with the closest legal firm often up to 200 kilometres away. With CSU’s Bachelor of Laws you can make a difference to regional communities by improving access to high quality legal advice and advocacy.

Tailored and unique academic curriculum

CSU’s Bachelor of Laws introduces a unique and tailored curriculum, designed specifically to meet the needs and priorities of rural, regional and remote Australia in addition to the traditional law curriculum.

You will study a range of subjects relating to:

  • Indigenous history, culture and contemporary issues
  • criminal law, criminal and civil procedure, and evidence law
  • community law and legal issues including alternative dispute resolution
  • resources law - agricultural and mining law, native title and environmental law
  • legal ethics and professional responsibility
  • legal research and writing.
  • You can also choose from a range of electives including family law, dispute resolution, environment law and cultural heritage protection.

    Our degree is unique nationally and internationally as the first Bachelor of Laws to incorporate compulsory Indigenous Australian content and cultural competence. We work closely with Indigenous lawyers, Elders and community organisations on our curriculum and delivery.

Flexible online learning

CSU’s Bachelor of Laws offers flexible learning in a supported online environment giving you the opportunity to fit study around work, family and other commitments. Students can choose to study either full-time or part-time allowing engagement with their communities while developing professional skills and acquiring specialised knowledge.

Become a
change maker

Make a difference to your community

Studying law at CSU can create opportunities for a legal career in a variety of industries including:

  • legal aid and community legal centres
  • commercial law firms
  • government and non-government organisations
  • business – large, medium and small
  • private legal practice as a solicitor or barrister (with further study of a Professional Legal Training course)
  • mediation and dispute resolution
  • publishing and library services
  • academia
  • social justice advocacy
  • legal research.

This degree provides an excellent foundation if you wish to continue your legal studies after graduation.

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