Higher Degree by Research

CSU is committed to excellence in research, and identifies and supports areas and projects that allow the University to undertake nationally and internationally competitive research and research training.

The University has a strong reputation for research and invests its resources in selected areas of proven and potential strength significant to the University’s mission. CSU focuses its research effort in those areas where it has particular depth and strength of academic and research capability to offer high quality research and research training opportunities to its staff, students and communities - including partners in industry, the professions and the communities of regional and rural Australia.

Why study Higher Degree by Research?

Through Higher Degree by Research study, you can improve your workplace practices, your career, as well as your future prospects and those of the community in which you live and work.

Many countries require university professors to have a PhD that reflects their depth of knowledge in their field of interest. CSU gives you the opportunity to develop your research skills and be exposed to challenging concepts presented by highly regarded researchers and academics.

Higher Degrees by Research

How does Higher Degree by Research work?

As well as the major research component, a Higher Degree by Research may include subjects to develop research and critical analysis skills with the majority of coursework research based. The final thesis is often a written piece, but can also be a creative work such as a portfolio or exhibition. A thesis may be either print or in a non-print format, such as an exhibition, performance, installation, electronic work or other appropriate non-print form. The format for a print thesis can be either a typescript or a series of papers that have been published, have been submitted for publication and/or are manuscripts that could be submitted for publication.

PhDs are offered through each of CSU’s four Faculties and these are pure research, with some offered as PhD by publication, recognising the candidate's previous published research in a particular field and building on this to develop a body of work at the doctorate level.

Through critical and reflective practitioner research projects the candidate's knowledge of the disciplines that underpin professional practice will be enhanced and a contribution to the research base of their discipline area made.