Why CSU?

CSU is committed to excellence in research, to identifying and supporting areas and projects which allow the University to undertake internationally competitive research and research training.

1. Areas of Research Strength

High quality research opportunities in proven areas of research strength.

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2. Research Expertise

CSU engages in strategic, applied research that focuses on significant problems or issues. Key drivers for our research activities are quality and excellence, with an emphasis on the creation of new knowledge for the advancement of fields of study and the enhancement of the society in general.

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3. Support Services

There are a variety of Support Services available through Student Services including:  Indigenous services, International support, Student counselling, Disability services, Equity and Diversity, Health information, Spiritual support, Mentoring, Child care support, Professional Development and more.

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4. Research Centres

Research Centres have been established to provide areas of research concentration and support the University's commitment to collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

CSU's Research Centres

5. Research Leadership

CSU's staff profile includes around 140 members of the professoriate, including 15 Strategic Research Professors employed to further enhance our research capacity.

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6. Access to Scholarships & Fee Support

Research Higher Degree Scholarships and other funding support is available.

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7. Professional Development to Support Your Research

CSU offers a variety of flexible Professional Development Programs to support your research when you need it.

8. Engage with us

Significant industry partnerships for building regional communities and achieving sustainable futures.

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9. Research Archive

Open access to a digital archive of CSU research including journal articles, conference papers and creative works.

Visit the CSU Research Output (CRO) digital archive.

10. CSU is Green

Sustainability and global citizenship are central values at CSU. At CSU we strive for economic, social, and environmental sustainability, including the responsible stewardship of resources.

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