Formal pathway programs

CSU has partnered with TAFE / Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers across Australia to offer programs combining TAFE / VET and CSU study. You can now upgrade your formal qualifications to degree-level and enhance your future employment opportunities.

  • We have a number of credit packages with TAFE Partners and any RTO's.

  • If you have already graduated from a TAFE / VET program related to the CSU degree you have chosen, you can receive credit for your qualification through an articulated program.

  • If you haven't started your TAFE / VET study, you can take part in an integrated program. Designed for school leavers, people wanting to change careers, or people with work experience but limited formal qualifications, integrated programs require you to co-enrol in both a TAFE partner institution and CSU before you begin your degree.

  • Some of our partners also deliver CSU qualifications on our behalf in metropolitan cities in Australia.