Cross institutional study

Did you know you can study a subject with Charles Sturt University (CSU) if you’re enrolled at another uni?

Cross institutional study lets you choose a subject/s at CSU that may not be offered at the uni you’re enrolled at. Not only will you get to study an area that you’re really passionate about but you could receive credit towards your degree.

And you don’t even need to relocate to a CSU campus to undertake cross institutional study with us. Many of our subjects can be studied with CSU online so you can study whenever and wherever suits you. When you study with us, you’ll have access to our fantastic services and support so you’ll really feel part of the CSU family.

What can I study?

CSU offers a diverse range of single subjects, so you can explore a field that really ignites your passion. Browse the list of available areas of study and choose from a wide variety of subjects within each one. From animal science and computing to pharmacy and psychology, you’ll be sure to find something that captures your interest. Please note: not all subjects are offered in all sessions.

How do I take part in cross institutional study at CSU?

Step 1. Explore our range of single subjects

Find a subject/s that you want to study at CSU.

Step 2. Check your eligibility

If you are currently enrolled as a Commonwealth supported or domestic fee-paying student at any university in Australia, you are eligible for cross institutional study. Our friendly staff are on hand if you’re unsure of your eligibility or have any questions, so please get in touch.

Step 3. Contact your current uni

Seek confirmation from the institution you’re enrolled at by requesting a letter that states the CSU subject/s you intend to study will be recognised by your current uni and given as either credit or recognition of prior learning (RPL) to your current degree. You’ll also need to provide a copy of your most recent Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) if you are studying as a Commonwealth supported student. Note: CSU subject fees may differ from the subject fees at your current institution.

Step 4. Apply online

Apply online for your CSU subject/s as early as you can. You’ll need to upload the letter from your current uni confirming that the subject/s you’re enrolling in at CSU will give you recognition of prior learning in your degree. You’ll also need to upload the copy of your CAN.  You may also need to supply a copy of your most recent academic transcript if the CSU subject has any pre-requisites. Note: If you’re an international student, you’ll need to apply for single subject study instead of cross institutional study.

What if I want to study a CSU subject but don’t need credit?

Our single subject study program offers a broad range of exciting study areas to suit all kinds of interests. If you would like to study a CSU subject but are not seeking cross institutional credit, you can – and you won’t need to worry about the above cross institutional study criteria. Check out our range of subjects and apply online today.