Workplace learning

When you study with us you'll learn more than the theory from your textbooks. Workplace learning is at the heart of what we do, and our focus on building practical skills through supported experience in the industry you've decided to join is part of the reason CSU graduates enjoy one of the best graduate employment rates in the country.

You'll learn in state-of-the-art labs or health clinics; simulated nursing wards, courtrooms or classrooms; out in the field in vineyards, farms or equine centres; or with industry placements in city or regional areas. Work placements improve your practical skills and confidence as you learn, and provide links with potential employers – that's why our grads get jobs.

Get ready to work

We're proud of the reputation our graduates have earned as being 'job-ready' from day one. We believe this is because their workplace learning gave them real-world experience using the same equipment they find in their future workplaces, and helped them build the professional connections that can be so important in getting a job. Many of our postgraduate degrees also allow students to bring their career into the classroom, creating business or lesson plans, developing patient skills, or applying scientific discovery to their work.

Working with the community

Workplace learning also gives you the chance to make a meaningful contribution to communities in Australia and overseas. Our students become valuable additions to the workforce in settings such as hospitals, schools, business and not-for-profit organisations, applying their skills in nursing, teaching, accountancy, animal care, information technology and many other areas.

The business community love our graduates

Industry has made it no secret that they love our grads. We could talk all day about why we think our grads are the best in the business, but the people who hire them put it best:

Marco Sniekers, Technical Planning Manager Nine Network Australia

"My experiences with CSU TV production students have been very successful. I find CSU students to be highly motivated, well informed and well trained in many aspects of TV. They are quite work-ready, and very keen to get into the industry. Students who come to us on internships are inducted and then we tour them around our two facilities in Sydney before allocating them to different departments on broadcasts. They have to pretty much find their own way and most times they do. Channel Nine has employed dozens of CSU students over the past 15 years."