Indigenous Academic Success Program (IASP)

CSU's Indigenous Academic Success Program (IASP) offers study services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. These services are all free, easy to access and you can choose the type of service that suits you best at each stage of your study.

You can access tailored support in person and online, and our team can also refer you to other services available at CSU. We want to see you become the best you can be.

One-on-one advice and support

You will be eligible for one-on-one tutoring for each subject, each session, to help you understand the content. Tutors can even help with exam preparation towards the end of the session. You will automatically be allocated tutors, and they will contact you at the start of session to confirm whether you'd like to take part in the content-specific tutoring.

Learning Advisers (Indigenous) are also available to assist with general study skills that will be useful in all your subjects, like time management, breaking down assessment tasks and structuring your assignments.

Your lecturers and classmates are also a great source of information if you have specific questions about your subjects. Interact2, CSU's online subject forum, makes it easy to find contact details, participate in discussions or read announcements.

The Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy (ALLaN) team is your first point of call for general assignment feedback or workshops on a variety of topics including academic writing, study skills, assignment structure, and referencing. Workshops are held at CSU study Centres and assignments can be uploaded directly to the ALLaN team for review.

If you haven't studied in a while, or just want to brush up on the basics, a STUDY LINK subject is for you. These short, self-paced online subjects are free for Commonwealth supported students, and subjects range from chemistry and statistics, to writing and grammar.

Student Liaison Officers (Indigenous) and Study Nights

If you're not sure which study success service is right for you, our Student Liaison Officers (Indigenous) can help. They can help identify the services that will help with your studies, including Study Nights. Study Nights run weekly on each campus during session as a social way to engage with your learning with your peers, mixing academic sessions with a meal and time to relax with other Indigenous students. Online students who live near a CSU campus can also attend.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email - we'd love to hear from you.

Shaliya Stone - ITAS supported student

Shaliya Stone

"Studying by distance has many challenges and therefore having an tutor in my community is really helpful as I can talk to someone about my studies face to face. My tutor is also a mentor to me and is a professional in the field and therefore I find the program very valuable."

David Bobongie- ITAS supported student

David Bobongie

"I found tutoring helpful because I was given a great insight into the subjects that I was studying. My tutor wasn't just there to help with my studies; they were a mentor and gave me a great deal of support. Charles Sturt University was great in organising the tutors for me and they were easy to approach and followed through with support. I didn't just get help because I was not doing well, I was given help to lift my grades from ok to really great!"

Taylor McLean - ITAS supported student

Taylor McLean

"Tutoring for me has helped me grasp concepts in another perspective, opening up views to certain things I wouldn't have been able to understand otherwise. My tutor-student relationship is one that helps me progress through my course with no speed bumps. Without tutoring I would not be succeeding the way I am. It's a highly positive initiative that should be taken on board by anyone who has the opportunity."

Colin Luck - ITAS supported student

Colin Luck

"Having a tutor has helped me immensely. Some of the work that my tutor has helped me with was to show me the correct format that I need to university standard, by showing me where to look for the information for my assignments, checking my assignments before they are sent off. I cannot fault the tutor that I had for this year. In my final year next year having a tutor will help by taking the pressure of me in regards to getting the assignments finished and sent away on time."