Disability support

Our Disability Service provides advice, support and adjustments to students with a disability, to ensure they can participate fully in their studies. If you need assistance you can contact the CSU Disability Service via email to discuss how we can help.

The Student Liaison Officer (Disability) can help with:

  • general advice and assistance

  • issues around disclosure of your disability to other staff and students

  • support strategies tailored to your personal circumstance

  • contact with academic and administrative staff

  • referral to and communication with relevant services or agencies

  • access to specialised resources and services

  • campus access information

Contact us

If you would like to discuss how we can help, please email the CSU Disability Service.

If you think your disability may impact on your ability to complete the essential requirements of your course you can discuss this with a Student Liaison Officer (Disability) or the Course Director. Phone 1800 275 278 for staff contact details.


CSU has accessible accommodation on several of its campuses. For more information contact a Disability Liaison Officer. Special consideration for accommodation in CSU residences will be considered for students registered with the Disability Service.

Legislation, policy and guidelines