Equity support

What is student equity?

Some groups in our community are under-represented in higher education, and our Student Equity Office provides advice and support to ensure students from those backgrounds get the same opportunities as everyone else. That can include students from rural and isolated areas, or from lower socioeconomic or non-English speaking backgrounds, Indigenous students, students with a disability, or women studying in traditionally male-dominated areas. Programs to help students access and stay at university include equity scholarships and grants, access schemes, and student support programs.

We also offer support to students from humanitarian or refugee backgrounds. In addition to a dedicated Student Liaison Officer to support you on campus, we can refer you to a range of services and programs at CSU and organisations and groups in our communities to help you connect with other migrants and settle into your new home.

Getting into uni

We know sometimes people don't get the chance to compete equally during their preparation for university because of personal circumstance. That's why we offer special consideration for admission which takes into account anything that might have impacted your preparation. You can apply for the Education Access Schemes  through UAC, or the Special Entry Access Scheme  through VTAC, or our own Special Consideration for Admission if you're applying direct.

If you're from a regional area, you may also be eligible for a location adjustment, which can adjust your selection rank by five points.

If you're an elite athlete or performer representing at national level and your training or commitments have significantly affected your preparation for application to the university, you should consider applying for Special Consideration for Admission.

Equity scholarships and grants

Equity scholarships and grants can provide financial assistance for:

  • course fees, accommodation and other costs associated with attending university
  • students in financial hardship

  • Indigenous students

  • attending compulsory placement and practical requirements

  • attending residential schools

  • emergency cash needs

  • relocating to attend university

  • buying textbooks

  • computers and internet access.

The Ally LGBTI Support program

Our Ally Program raises awareness of the experiences of staff and students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI). The program has established a network of Allies who publicly support the rights of LGBTI people in the CSU community.

For more details visit our Ally Support Program page.


CSU supports nonviolence as an active struggle for peace and justice, and we aim to empower our students and staff as social change advocates with knowledge, innovation and a real sense of community. We commit to a pledge against violence in order to bring about positive change in the communities within which we work and study.

Visit Nonviolence website


Appointments for online or internal students with Equity Scholarships and Grants staff or the Equity and Diversity Officer can be made via Student Central.

Administration, Scholarships

Rebecca Gransden
Student Services, Building 673
Phone: 02 6051 9978
Email: rgransden@csu.edu.au
Postal address: P.O. Box 789 Albury. NSW 2640

Team Leader, Scholarships

Melissa Peake
Student Services, Building 673
Phone: 02 6051 9849
Email: mpeake@csu.edu.au
Postal address: P.O. Box 789 Albury. NSW 2640

Student Liaison Officer (Equity)

Carissa Perkins
Student Services, Building 1413 Office 1 (under stairs)
Phone: (02) 6338 4256
Postal address: Panorama Avenue, Bathurst NSW 2795
Email: equity.officer@csu.edu.au

Manager, Inclusion and Counselling

Jonathan Wilby
Student Services, Orange Campus
Phone: (02) 6365 7589
Email: jwilby@csu.edu.au